Understanding Pose Space Deformation


Hey all.

For the last couple of days I’ve been reading about PSD, it’s differences from/ and advantages over SSD and Shape Interpolation. I tried to get as much information as I could find in the Siggraph and Disney papers and also from several other resources.

Several questions have arised and I hope I can get some answers here:

  1. Does PSD work without the initial skinning (SSD) or it is added over SSD?
    The question arised because the original paper compares the operations speeds of these methods. This confused me a bit, because if PSD is added over and needs skin to be present why compare their speeds?

  2. Is Pose Interpolator in Maya implemented according to the original paper?

  3. Is the term “pose reader” related to PSD? I haven’t seen this term in the original paper but have stumbled on it in some tutorials and scripts.

Because the deep math goes over my head and I skip the super techie parts I’d be grateful if someone could explain these points to me.