Understanding PBR materialst


I’m working on my project in C4D R20 with physical render and I’m trying to use PBR material but I don’t understand how to use it. Someone knows if there are some tutorials about PBR materials on Cinema4d? Thanks


Uncheck the main Colour channel, you don’t need it. In Reflectance, delete anything that’s there and add two new layers – make one Lambertian Diffuse, and the other Beckmann (or GGX if it’s metallic). Place the Diffuse at the bottom.

Rename these as Diffuse for the Lambertian layer and Reflection for the Beckmann (so you can follow along more easily).

Drag your colour/diffuse map into the Layer Colour in the Diffuse layer. Make sure Fresnel is set to None. I often turn the Specular to zero % too (or keep it low, around 20%)

Drag your Roughness and Reflection maps into the appropriate slots in the Reflection layer. Drag Roughness and Reflection sliders to 100%, drop Specular to zero %.

If you have a Glossiness map instead of Roughness, invert it (click on the texture slot, then make Black point 1 and White point 0),

Make sure the Reflection layer has a Fresnel value – Dielectric if it’s not metallic, Conductor if it is.

If you have a Metallic or Metalness map, this goes in the Reflection layer’s Layer Mask. (This really only works with a metallic Reflection layer with a Conductor Fresnel.)

Add Bump and Normal maps in the usual channels.

C4D’s PBR system is a bit different from others, so you might have to tweak things to get it looking how you want, but this should be pretty close. This is the system I mainly use; others might have a different setup.

See how you get on and feel free to ask questions.


Thank you for yourreply, I’ll try your suggestion and then I’ll post if this PBR method is more clear or not.


Look at here :wink:

PBR workflow for Cinema 4D


Thank you very much! Now I follow tutorial and then I try in C4d :slight_smile: