Under My Skin, Michael Oswald (2D)


Title: Under My Skin
Name: Michael Oswald
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Of all the concepts I have written down, this one was at the top of the list and I’m happy to have it finished.
It has a real Boris Vallejo feel to it in my opinion which I think is a good thing.

Model: Daniella Bae. The reference photos for this artwork were taken in my living room. The model brought her boyfriend who did the hand modeling here. It took about 5 photos to piece this together.
Reference photo: http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa34/michaeloart/UnderMySkin-ref.jpg


I like it,
your base of art is strong~!:love:



Lovely work.
very good mood.
Nice lighting.
Everything is just superb


Very Nice! Great work on the hands and lighting!


WOW!amazing work,lighting and style,I like very much how you explore the color tones,very nice man!Saved in my pc ^^,congratz man!


simply perfect, the idea’s inspiring me to think differently. lighting, model, and technique are all excellent:) cheers.


great work!! awesomeeee!


this is nice. i can see your own input and thats well done. the colors and the mood look very interesting too.


Amazing work Michael … Compo/colors/idea … all is good :slight_smile:


Awesome! Very well done. Light, color…


For something we see everyday, hands are still very tricky to get right. You have done a masterful job with each one. Great concept, she ain’t bad lookin’ either. :thumbsup:


One word: masterpiece! :bowdown:


Beautiful job!


Thanks. Same to you!


Well, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell are my heroes, and my opinion is…yes, there is a Boris Vallejo feel to it. It’s actually reminds me of several of his images (were some of them references?). I feel like there’s tribute to a couple of images (not the least obvious is “Hands”).

When I first saw the piece, I did think of Boris Vallejo, even before I read the description, so that’s hats off to you. It’s espcially apparent with the tilt of the head and the hands. Your hands are really great. Great detail, smooth rendering, and nice work with values and showing the knuckles and veins.

I like the pinkish tones at the top of the image, but I think it gets a little muddy further done (not too bad, but just a little). And the hips flattened a little into the mist. Overall though, this is really cool. Once again, great rendering of values and the skin tones. Keep it up. Great job.


one of the best works i’ve seen here. pure pleasure :bowdown:


good job nice


Great anatomy, light and skin texture! :slight_smile:



Stunning, well executed, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


Good work, I like it.