Undead Warriors Wrath, Dennis Mejillones (3D)


Thanks everyone, This site is incredibly inspirational and motivating. I am very happy that you all enjoy the piece. I thought I would post a very high res version in case anyone is interested




wonderful charactor design!


:eek:, simply amazing character!


Great, man!


Really nice. Love the concept


Great work, keep rocking!
Best regards, Selwy


I have to admit I am not a fan of the anatomy of your model, but as an overall picture, it’s very effective. You could have posed him a little more dynamically, perhaps with more of a twist in his body, as if he’d suddenly twisted around to look at the viewer, which would add a lot more action to the image. The fur also looks a little odd, especially on the right side, where it seems a bit too bright.

But I like the head quite a lot. The black eye sockets are particularly menacing.

Nice work. We need some fresh content on the front page, so I’ll give you fifteen minutes of fame up there, because I am sure a lot of the folks around here will get a kick out of this :wink:


wow… great work. really like it :slight_smile:


amazing hard word


great looking monster



Congratulations. Nice piece of work. But I think yellow particles seem weird.
I gave you 4 stars. Keep going on.


I was about to say the same. If meant to be sparks/embers then maybe there
are too many to be realistic for an out-of-frame fire source?! It currently looks too much like an out of context ‘paint splatter’ effect!
And I also agree about the fur.

But congratulations on the FP-it is really strong over all!


Love the new character and congratulations on the front page! Did you ever get around to finishing that tutorial for game’s character modeling you mentioned ages ago in the wip section?




Both monster & composition are excellence. :applause:


This is an outstanding piece of work, fantastic job sir!


Great work!


Thank you all very much for your kind responses. Thank you Leigh for your feedback as well as everyone else for theirs. I will try to revisit those aspects of the image you mentioned when I return home this weekend. I agree that there are things I can improve upon and am happy to have numerous talented people give me feed back which will helps my growth as an artist. :slight_smile:



Holy smokes, the high res version is insane.

So much detail man, very nice.


Awesome…7 star from me, im fan of Warcraft too…


Congrats ! Nice work, dude ! :slight_smile: 5 stars from me !