Uncharted: The Lost Legacy characters, Byunghwa Jung (3d)


Title: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy characters

Name: Byunghwa Jung

Here is some of my work I worked on Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

I had the opportunity to work on this main villain character named “Asav”.
I was responsible for everything on this guy (head, hair, body, wrinkle map, texturing).

Heads and clothes (Single/Multiplayer) done by me. Some parts of clothes/props were done by other artists.

The credit goes to the whole studio, other Sony departments(they helped us on Asav for making facial blend shapes, etc…they helped us a lot in many ways), and our awesome outsourcing studios as well.

Also, you might want to check out our art blast here!


Nice Good to see you sharing all this hard work! Thanks for the crunch man! Cheers


That’s awesome…Asav had a really good look. It’s a good game too…PS4 graphics always blow me away.


Devil is in details. Excellent


Thanks for sharing, How was Mudbox used in this Character?


Really Great Work.


thank for share it !!!

san go


Thanks for sharing on this game !!

báo giá đá solid surface