Uncharted 2 Character Art, Hanno Hagedorn (3D)


Title: Uncharted 2 Character Art
Name: Hanno Hagedorn
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hey Guys,

I finally found the time to post some of the work I did for Uncharted 2.
Everything was sculpted in Zbrush 3.1. The marketing shots were rendered in our engine and the sculpts were done using Maya’s MentalRay. All textures are hand painted. Photo-sources were only used for a couple alpha-stamps and cloth structures.

Here are some more images, I hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Zoran Lazarevic Sculpt

Karl Schäfer Sculpt

Chloe Frazer Sculpt

Elena Fisher Sculpt

Additional material and highres images can be found on my website: hannohagedorn.com



it s really very good works…congrat.


This is absolutely amazing! So many details. But did there go something wrong with the gun on the back of the Zoran Lazarevic sculpt?


I am not a fan of zbrush or zbrush detailed characters, but your zbrush skill is amazing. Fantastic.


Awesome work, awesome game!

Are the Chloe and Elena sculpts ominious signs of what’s to happen in number 3??



Simply fantastic work.
Posted it on my blog.


I’m loving it! :wink:


Hanno you know you’re the man… Congrats on a solid showing, and looking forward to UC3!




Wow, the sculpt, details and render is fantastic.

Amazing job!


Great work mate!!

Well deserved top row :thumbsup:

  • Ty


Wow, excellent sculpts!


“Drrrrréke!” I loved that character.
Your work is great. I love this view: https://www.cgsociety.org/cgsarchive/newgallerycrits/g03/454303/454303_1298363787_large.jpg For all the details and mostly the personality you have put into him. He looks alife.


Love them a lot!! very awesome! Congrats !


very detailed work, excellent :bowdown:


Stunning, one word.

The modeling is fantastic ! speechless. What details.




What can I say? I think you have achieved the top level of character modeling in every respect there can be. I salute you, as your talent really screams, what a true master you are!


Woaa! Top row, thx Tito =)
And thanks to everyone for all the nice comments, I really appreciate it! :smiley:

aelex:I couldnt find the highres modle of the shotgun, so I just stuck with the lowres one :slight_smile:


Yea, this belongs on toprow for sure!
You have some real sense for shapes and details.
Love it :thumbsup:


Stunning, you really are a master character artist. I cant wait for U3!