Unanswered odd displacement question


I am running into some very strange displacement map issue. Here are 2 different renders using Maya 2008 and Maya 2009. Both of these renders were based on exact same file. I couldn’t find an answer or solution to this anywhere on the web. Please help. I have asked similar questions in the past and nobody would even give me a reply. Thanks in advance.




Damn. She an’t pretty!

Could you post a screen grab of you UV’s please?

Displacement mapping is notorious for demanding ‘perfect’ UV’s. The second render seems to be highlighting where possible UV seams are.

Another thought. Perhaps trying rendering without the SSS skin shader. You could do quicker testing and it will pin point the problem more quickly.


Thanks for replying. Here is a UV shot. You are right, the problems are the UV edge. But the confusion is that why would Maya 2008 do fine and not 2009? What changed? It’s the exact same file. I even installed all the Service Pack. By the way, SSS helps, not the render time, but it seems to attract more attention. My last post of standard shader got no reply at all.


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