Unable to uninstall Backburner


I’ve searched around for the answer to this and haven’t found one yet.

So my Backburner Manager won’t open, and I get errors saying I cannot uninstall it, no matter the way I do so. I’d love to simply update to the newest version but that requires uninstalling the previous. I’ve seen suggestions to simply delete the system files, but that too did not solve the issue, are there Backburner system files somewhere other than program files/autodesk/backburner?


yeah, just do a search on your drive for BackBurner and you should find one in C:\Users<you>\AppData
and somewhere in C:\Users<you>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsmax\

also, are you in logged in with full administrative rights?


I’ll check again when I’m home, but I thought I got it all… And I am full admin.


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