Unable to Reconnect (After 15 Offline Days)?



I usually block any incoming connection for security reasons.
When C4D is only 3 days left, I connect again to replenished the 15 days.

This week, I was busy and I had overlooked on remaining days. And it lapsed.

Now, even though I opened my connection, C4D is stuck at “Initializing Software” for hours now.

Is there a way around this ?

Thank you


Hi bentraje
have you tried to login to your maxon account and click on “release” ?



Hi @PedroAGH

Thanks for the response.
I didn’t want to release it since I am using the same computer.

Anyway, it got fixed after several restarts.


Hi bentraje,

glad it worked out for you :slight_smile:

I had the problem once on my computer and the suggested way did work on the same machine. It’ just releasing the licence to be used on any computer, which includes the same machine.


Gotcha. Will keep that in mind. Thanks!