Unable to connect float value to a string attribute


hi, I have a newBee question. Am sure there must be a silly way for this in maya-python.

This is the code am getting the trouble now.

import maya.cmds as cmds

my_cube = cmds.polyCube(n = “The_box”)
my_locator = cmds.spaceLocator(name = “place_holder”)

cmds.addAttr( ln = “mark”, dt = “string”)

cmds.connectAttr(“The_box.rotateX”, “place_holder.mark”)

I have been digging over the internet for a while now. This should have been a simple case of connecting 2 different values. But clearly am doing this wrong or maya surprisingly making it difficult as am getting errors on my last tine.

The attribute ‘The_box.rotateX’ cannot be connected to ‘place_holder.Child’. #

If anyone could suggest a way to connect these would be awesome.

No mel or API please :disappointed_relieved: . I am not reached to that level yet.

thanks a lot in advance.