Umbrella Sky, Marta Dahlig (2D)


Title: Umbrella Sky
Name: Marta Dahlig
Country: Poland
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Well, that’s a quite old piece originally done for ImagineFX Issue 22. It can also be seen in the upcoming Exotique 3. :slight_smile:

This version, however is quite different, as I came back to the painting after a longer while and reworked it a LOT.
Overall, it took many hours in Painter and Photoshop. I also used some references (especially for the fish and the sea).

A small walkthrough with some closeups, WIPs and sketches will be available on CGSociety soon. Hope you like it! =)

PS. Title’s from the song “Summer wind” by Frank Sinatra :smiley:


Saw this one in Exotique 3. Simply beautiful, a real stunning piece you got here! Keep it going girl!


Amazin:) nice bg saw the preview of exotique 3… congratulations on making in the magazine:thumbsup:


I was wondering where that image was from. Simply amazing, wish i could give more than 5*:smiley:


Dear, this is one of the best things you ever painted!
I hope you know that. :slight_smile:


Wonderful piece with a great athmosphere, perfect for Exotique’s cover.

5 stars, of course. :slight_smile:


Hey …Marta…the work is so beautiful…beautiful colours…I so like it …:scream: …um…um…no words…So****4Stars from me …keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


Great work here Marta :slight_smile:

I saw the Imagine FX version previously, and I have to say, this version is a real improvement (the original was great as is). The rock formation is just excellent, very natural and great use of textured brushes. Overall, one of your strongest pieces. 5 stars.


The thumbnail of the Exotique 3 cover was very very promising but this …whoa.
Almost everything is perfect!
The sky is superb, the umbrella’s translucency is amazing, the fishes are photorealistic but still rather surreal, the hair is so masterly done and the overall mood is fantastic. But I don’t like that the figure doesn’t really interact with its enviroment.
It seems a bit like the figure is floating over the background.


gr8 !

5 stars !


Absolutely gorgeous!! 10 stars! You are amazing! Congratulations! :bounce:


Niezle sobie poczynasz widze :stuck_out_tongue: Bardzo mi sie podoba ta praca; masz moze gdzies jakis maly making of?


This is gorgeous. I love the colors; they were the first thing I noticed. It’s good to see your work again.



Stunning work! Colors are amazing!


Another Masterpiece! I love how you’ve painted the rocks, especially the water! Great colours as well! :drool: I’m curious to know how long this took you!


kapitalnie Marto :wink: zdrowko 5* of course


5*****! Definitely going in my inspiration folder!

The hands are wonderful! If I might critique: 1) The umbrella still seems a bit flat; maybe adding some more shadows and lights 2) Something about the depth is strange, because the waves in the background are the same size as the ‘ripples’ in the foreground; it makes the woman look very big.


Lovely work Marta. Great colors. I envy your skills at painting hands :D. photorealistic with a surreal twist 5* :wink:


I have to comment again here because I expect my comment will be lost in the masses over at dA. :wink: I love this so much! I’ve been waiting for you to publish it online ever since I saw it in IFX, just so I could tell you how wonderful it was. I really love the changes you’ve made to the background. And congratulations on being chosen for the Exotique cover! I really can’t wait to get my copy now. :smiley:

Hope you’re doing well. <3


I’ve certainly got an eye full of this image lately, but it’s hard to get bored of something like this! Great colours and composition which I guess is one of the reasons for its great response. I’m still a little baffled as to how Foregone didn’t get a choice award… I remember feeling pretty sure it would, but I guess I was wrong about that. I actually liked it a bit more than Locked, I thought your brushwork was a lot more refined and the composition was better (sounded like you put more effort into it too)… Oh well, each to their own. Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward to the walkthrough! xD