Umbilical Rip Cord



I’m working on my final film for university.

The animatic can be seen here:

As you can see, some scenes are fully rendered and composited, others are blocked-out animation in proxy, and some is still in 2d animatic form.

There is some important dialogue missing that needs to be re-recorded, a loudspeaker/tanoid spewing out rules - like music is banned etc…

The music is going to change to a more serious, darker theme to suit the aesthetic better.

All the rough animation is now complete (not all seen in this version of the animatic - will post that soon) I have 7 weeks left to tweek and render the rest of the film.

Any feedback would be great please!


finally started rendering and tweeking the rest of my film today! 7 weeks left to complete it!


Here are some finished shots taken from the animation:

Opening shot:

The Ship City

The generic guard

The main character ‘13’ and her steam-powered vehicle:

CLose-up of the dials from the vehicle:


wow looks awsum man!!
cant wait to see progress on it!
good luck! :slight_smile:


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