Um, sorry for asking such a basic question, but how do I veld vertex to a surface?


Hi guys, sorry to bother you, but I went crazy, spent two days trying to achieve the most basic thing, and that is unify two polygons.
One is a cube sitting at the bottom, the other is a cylinder right at top of it.

The object in question is a bottle, so I’m trying to connect the two in order to apply the turbo smooth but to no avail. I just can’t make the edge stick, vertices are flush with the top of the box, I used the snap tool, they just won’t merge!

Thank you so much for your time.


Well, at least I know people are not nice around here, I have spent yet more days trying to work this out, and still there is no answer.

How do I connect a cylinder to a cube??? Both are editable polys. Boolean either messes up the geometry of the box or doesn’t connect them at all???


You might get more traffic in the Modeling forum, Education forum doesn’t talk much about specific problems.

What program are you currently modeling with? Can you send a screenshot of the scene you are having trouble with?