Ultros - Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Well it’s that time again, resolution time. Time to start a new batch for 2010!

I’ve fallen about a month behind already, so the sketches that have already passed I’ll be postin here instead of their respective posts.


DSF 2028 - Apocalypse - 50 mins in PS


DSF 2034 “Mr. Roboto” 60 mins in PS

Things to improve
-faster color blending
-better control of light & dark spaces


DSF2030 - “The B**** Is Back” - 55mins on PS
The initial sketching went fairly quickly, however just laying down base colors took up too much time.


DSF2037 - “It’s All In The Details” - 60mins on PS

Skintone is hard to peg down for the color blind.


DSF 2033 “The Winter Affair” - 35mins in PS

The funny thing is I was listening to “Scream Bloody Gore” by Death when I painted this.


DSF 2038 “The Last Bullet” - 55 mins in PS
Think this one needs more blood


DSF 2073 “Red Snow” -50 mins in PS
Track listened to: “Mortal Wombat” by Vomitron


DSF 2039 “Oil” 60 mins PS


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