Ultimate Papercraft 3D v1.0 released


The first release of Ultimate Papercraft 3D, is now available.

This is a specialty Windows tool for creating papercraft from 3D models.
It lets you unfold a 3D model, then print it out, or export it to a high resolution bitmap.

Import formats includes Collada DAE, Autodesk FBX/3DS, Autocad DXF, Lightwave LWO, WaveFront OBJ, DirectX,
Stereo Lithography STL, Metasequoia MQO, and Ultimate Unwrap3D U3D.

Export formats includes Windows Bitmap BMP, Autocad DXF, WaveFront OBJ, Encapsulated EPS, Windows Metafile EMF,
and Postscript PDF (using PDFCreator).

Full details here:


How is this any different from pepakura designer? Both seem to be very identical in function and features.


Just to answer some questions about the differences you might find in other papercraft software:

Ultimate Papercraft 3D has a cool click and unfold feature. If automatic unfolding doesn’t give you good
results, try click and unfold. Just hold down the left mouse button, and you can unfold an edge in any
direction, and then continue to unfold while the mouse button is held down.

It also uses OpenGL and your 3D graphics card to render model textures up to 4096x4096. Some other
software may limit texture resolution to 1024x1024.

High resolution bitmap export is built into Ultimate Papercraft 3D. There is no need to purchase a
separate program to do it.

Ultimate Papercraft 3D also has have improved file format support, for AutoCAD DXF and other formats.

Direct download link:


I’m guessing it’ll be pretty solid if it’s anything like Unwrap 3D. I might have a shot…


i made a 3d papercraft animation a little while ago… and remember thinking how useful 3d software would be for the absolutely thriving papercraft community!.. well done you!


nothing special, but pluuuuug anyway : )


There may be something wrong with your web site, neither Safari or Firefox on the Mac, can see your site… Would love to see the app and what it can do though…



I hit a server error the first time I tried to view it, but a quick reload fixed the problem. Perhaps it’s something to look into.


It must be a DNS cache issue… i VPN’d in to our US servers, and can access the site that way, but from a non-vpn connection, from Australia, it returns a lookup error under Chrome on windows…

Very strange… but hey, i can at least have a squizz now.




I think it might be helpful if there were more screenshots - that one yellow hydraulic arm should be only one of man examples that you should have on your site to show off the software.

BTW, I too first thought of Pepakura the second I saw this thread.


NICE! What are the texture resoltuion limits?


The texture resolution for 3D model-applied textures is limited to your 3D graphics card’s maximum texture
size, which is usually 4096x4096 for hardware-accelerated cards, however there is no limit to the size of
the bitmap layout you can export, besides machine limits (operating system, hard drive space). We use
a tiling system to export large bitmaps that exceed your card’s capabilities.


Sounds great. I will try to find some time to check it out soon. Thanks!


There is also the option of exporting the layout to a vector-based file format. You can then import this
into your favorite vector graphics program (Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc…), resize it whatever you want,
re-texture it using vector graphics, etc…


I’m wondering if Ponoko users might find this app of interest, esp since you have vector export. You might find another market for this application.


Thanks, that sounds like an interesting idea. I don’t see any reason why someone couldn’t use
Papercraft 3D to create something from other materials like wood. Obviously, they wouldn’t be
concerned about something like flaps or folding edges. :slight_smile:


There’s more than wood now. Ponoko keeps adding materials - http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/materials

I was specifically thinking about the aluminum and brass though I could see people using the styrene for some cool stuff as well.


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