Ultimate Ironman by Gangus, Glen Angus (2D)


Title: Ultimate Ironman by Gangus
Name: Glen Angus
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This character was just released in our game on IGN.
So I thought I would post this version I painted of him.

This is one of my favs as it is a portrayal of the ultimate suit of armour as I see it. (What I find to be the most difficult of ironman’s suits to make look cool)

Painted entirely in Photshop as seen spiriting from the penthouse openning of the concept painting of Stark towers that I did.

Hope you like


cool character and realy well executed!


wow… big job. the efect 3d is great


awesome job. your work is great.

One thing though, one eye is bright enough to glow in the shadow but the other one has a dark shadow outlining his eye with no glow

I would love to see you make a vemon picture


I think this is really cool.

I disargree with bfet about the glowing eye. If the light is hitting the one eye, it would diffuse the extent of the glow in comparison to the eye in shadow.

Just my opinion.

Following your posts gangus, keep up the good work.
PS - Checked out the ImagineFX mag, great demo!

5 stars!



Thanks! The ultimate armor has always been one of my favorites, but this is the best I’ve seen in a long time. Good job, and congrats on shipping!


Truly excellent work as usual! Your work is an inspiration and your style is one I’m currently trying to master at the moment…

You’re a true craftsmen!


'kay, what did I told u? (laughing). Nice rendering man! :thumbsup: Thought, my humble opinion is that the eyes should have the same brightness; it would be great to see them both yellow.


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