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mmmm well this doesn’t really cover what i got.
only 8 is listed…are they saying its the same cost for 8.2 as an 8.5…no fair surely.
what its you own BP2? what if you own S&T?
i think i’ll have to call them up really…i suppose there are so many configurations its hard to cover them all…looks like its gonna be steep for me though from what i can tell…seems from that price list…if you update more regularly you get penalised!:sad:


Hey Flingster,

I agree! I called Maxon earlier today because I knew this was going to happen.

I have XL8.5, S&T and BP1. Studio R9 upgrade at £1199 is way, WAY, WAY too much! Perhaps those of us who took “avantage” of the modular system and stayed up to date should get some sort of tailored discount. We shall see tomorrow I guess, im due a phone call from Maxon UK!

Speeking of the “advantages” of the modular system, check this out!

"CINEMA 4D R8 Core owners with Adavanced Render or MOCCA will need to update the modules to be compatible with R9."

Ouch! £636 for C4D Core, AR and MOCCA UPGRADE!



sounds like you’ve also been dealing with perry who i’ve usually gone through…so i’ll have to talk to him…cos the upgrade pricing is all over the shop…i’m effectively missing dynamics/net unlimited and new updates…and studio upgrading has always been to high imho from xl/bp…if you get an answer…can you mail me please?
however if you have a combination of both…eg xl and then BP2 and S&T…then you get stung with the module system…its kinda crazy…really need a middle ground somewhere i think…
409+module updates is kinda limiting…i don’t know have to think about it…want the new stuff…but needs to be in the middle somewhere…409-1199! seems steep to me…in light of all other pricing industry wise…sounds like i’m complaining which doesn’t sound right…but need some clarity i guess. we’ll see tomorrow…hate to put a downer on a fantastic release.



I will mail you if I hear anything, plus I totally agree with the “downer” thing!

I feel kind of bad posting negative things about Maxon because C4D really is fantastic, in fact I didnt post a mini essay I wrote about C4D and the 3D market just a few days ago. I wish I did now, I would of looked like a wise sage, fortune teller or something!

The basic rant was this…

When I purchased XL7, C4D was THE budget 3D app giving the big boys a run for their money. OK, you werent going to land a 3D job, work on films, etc, etc, but for the small studio, student and enthusiast - C4D was a no brainer, it had oodles of features and a feel good factor which was IMHO mainly linked to the price tag. 2 years later, C4D is no longer a budget 3D app - in fact it is more expensive than some flavours of Maya, Lightwave and XSI. The question this brings up is, do you stay or do you jump ship because there has NEVER been a better time! If you own C4D now, you can afford anything (apart from 3D Studio Max)!

R9 has made me want to stay, so that whole argument is gone (for me) - I guess I will have to get the Studio Bundle ASAP so these upgrades affect me less and less! C4D can produce amazing broadcast and print quality visuals, so even a £1199 upgrade from XL8 to Studio R9 seems recoupable on a couple of jobs at least!

Thats the answer for me at least! I cant think of C4D as that “fun little app” that I started with, it has now become my tool for income, and as such have to think about the price / income ratio which is still very good. I guess C4D for the enthusiast / student seems out the window! If I was a student right now - I would not consider C4D. I would head straight for Maya or XSI with one eye on the “industry”!



We’re in the same boat here, XL with BP2 and S&T. Having only bought the latter two a couple of weeks back, I asked very carefully about the need to re-buy these when 9 came out! I was assured that if there was to be a charge for them, it would be a handling fee for modules with no major changes. I was dealing with Richard Baines in the UK and I’ll give him a call tomorrow to check it all out.



thanks bud…let me know i think i’ll mail maxon and see what the score is where i stand…i’m almost there with studio bundle…in reality…but i would have to fork out a fortune to get that…doesn’t make economic sense to me really. so i have to keep an open mind about it all really and try to be objective . . . i do feel a little grumpy about the differences between pricing setups and the fact that loyalty is not being rewarded as it should be even if it was slight its about attitude i guess. I love c4d, using it everyday just brings a smile to my face and it would be a real wrench to move away from that in reality, the new feature set looks absolutely phenomenal and just what the doctor ordered…unfortunately let down be ill thought out pricing structure…the xsi offer is very attactive indeed, i’m at a level where i can cope with its complexity and the idea of getting my hands on MR is pretty mouthwatering…if there was one app i would have moved to from c4d it would be xsi…so its certainly food for thought and something maxon should consider hard as should i.


hey martin…glad i’m not the only one that thinks its nuts…i usually deal with perry…not sure who richard is…

its seems mad…
8.5xl > 9xl

up to date on all components but would cost me an arm and a leg to update…there has to be something wrong here with that to my mind.
keep us informed how you get on will ya? thanks bud.


The info I posted on this seems to have gone unnoticed on the other ‘upgrade cost thread’, so here goes again.

Communicated with Perry today, I am upgrading 8.5XL, BP2 and S&T to 9XL too, and it will cost us £409.

Seems odd that you can upgrade from 8 for the same price - so the extra hundred quid for 8.5 isn’t taken into account it would seem.


Is it me but to have to pay £209 to upgrade the basic module in the context of this price seems disproportionate to me. The pricing structure needs a rethink to keep loyal users on board and not starting to look elsewhere.

There seems to be an awful lot of unrest about this which has put a bit of a damper on the release as far as I’m concerned.


thanks kromekat:thumbsup:
don’t suppose he quoted that mad price for studio upgrade did he or something more realistic.
i’ll see what he says…certainly think it could have been handled better.

alan: like i mentioned earlier i’m a big big cinema fan and somewhat loyal customer so you would think some consideration would be made for that… given the choice i wouldn’t want to move from cinema thats a fact…but i don’t think you can be totally closed to the idea at the end of the day…pity…but thats life. i think pricing must have been handled by the accountants rather than someone with some consumer knowledge (no offence accountants out there)…heh heh.


What would make sense, is that the modules cost 10-20% more individually. Yeah, I have 8.5 and S&T and would expect to pay less than the 8.2 people.


Read this other thread which I have also posted to as it relates to this pricing debate. I hope somebody at Maxon is reading these and taking note!

A very unhappy bunch of existing customers, which is a shame because of a good product, but that does not mean you can take advantage.

I was going to upgrade, buy S&T and upgrade Bodypaint to BP2 but in the context of what it will now cost to not only upgrade but stay “on board” I’m seriously looking at alternative options.

Get a fair and decent sorted upgrade policy sorted please Maxon.

I’ll be posting to them shortly which I suggest anybody upset at the pricing does otherwise they may not realise the situation, although the amount of emails flying around I got a feeling they are picking up the “feedback”.


HI all,

It has been a very confusing time it seems , for me at least. With the announcement os XSI foundation being so cheap everything seems to be all over the place. I bought XSI and I am pleased I did so. However, I also bought the R9 ubgrade as soon as it was announced, I know it is alot of money but what we are doing here is investing and I think before you ask yourself about prices ask yourself if you are making a wise investment.

To my mind there is no question that R9 is a sound investment. Having played around with it now for a day it looks like a true upgrade, not just a few things here and there. In terms of future job opportunities I have no doupt in my mind that now Cinema will featue large on high profile projects cause it has the power . If you work as a pro in 3D this is an upgrade more than worth the price. As for XSI and Motionbuilder 6, I look at them as neseccary business investment.

I know it is hard to part with hard earned noney but personaly, the more I look at R9 the more it looks like fantastic deal.




Investment is fine but there comes a time when people start asking if its a captive thing and is it time to look elsewhere. After all I’m sure this is one of the reasons Cinema grew its market share, by other programs being too expensive. Money counts in any equation.

I purchased C4D because of the modular approach taken by Maxon, buying only the features you really need. I’m sure this accounted for a lot of new users. No way would I have paid the full set price, not that I don’t think that its worth the sum of its parts but so much of it I don’t really need. I feel sorry for many who will have to upgrade but for me I’ll not be tempted at these prices how ever good the new features are.

So you feel that for £209 for the core program its good value because its a “true upgrade not just a few things here and there” So how does that leave people who paid £100 to go from 8.2 to 8.5 and who now also see that this “upgrade” does not count in any way towards the cost of R9 upgrade.


So you feel that for £209 for the core program its good value because its a “true upgrade not just a few things here and there” So how does that leave people who paid £100 to go from 8.2 to 8.5 and who now also see that this “upgrade” does not count in any way towards the cost of R9 upgrade.

The £100 for upgrading from 8.2 to 8.5 is true should be taken into account and this is a little unfair. Also for all of us who bought Meshsurgury you can say that we are paying twice but if you din’t then just that intergration is worth the upgrade. But I mean this is the name of this game you buy an app ant six months down the line they are giving for free to all and sundry.

My point however about investment is wether the application pays for itself, and to my mind it will deffinately will.




Hi !!

Its paradox.

Since the beginnings Maxon always has seemed to be a company where customers could be certain that they where investing
in a fast developing product with increasing competivity and which would mantain a fair price-performance ratio.

And that the company was one where loyality to customers and moral
integrity were not only mere marketing slogans.

Now that their products have reached true professional status at the level of their competitors it looks like unfortunatly things are changing.

A chaotic or none existing communication creates total uncertainty
about their pricing policy.

Rumours about unfair upgrading prices make loyal customers feel
to be pulled a fast on on so.

And to cap it all it looks like they have now been heavingly abusing
intellectual property of third party developers (MS)

For the first time I hear old and loyal users to think aloud about
changing fronts.

Why do they risk to forfeit their customers goodwill (or worse) exactly now where their products have reached a level their longtime users
and fans have been dreaming off all the way up?

Maybe just rumours, maybe misunderstandings, maybe facts - time will show.

cheers [TOM]


You could wait a few years and they’ll give the whole program away free on the cover of mags i.e. Cinema 6CE ;~)

It’s debatable point and down to individual or company circumstance if the investment is worthwhile. Sure you can do things in R9 that can’t be done in R8 but were these features something that stopped you creating your work in R8 before or even just meant doing it slightly differently?

I can’t pass the upgrade cost directly to my clients but spreading it within my budget overhead figures and allowing say around £20 per job to absorb the cost I’d need to do maybe ten to fifteen paid jobs to recoup the cost, or in possible rough time frame terms, about three months say.

By that time we will be coming up close to a point incremental upgrade no doubt i.e. 8.2 to 8.5 - £100 thank you very much.

That is bearing in mind and taking into account the new or improved features are actually part of any work I produce with the upgrade. In my mind at the moment it definitely won’t pay for itself, but each has there own circumstances. Just my opinion.


Both Paul and Per were members of the Beta team that helped devloping CINEMAs new modeling tools. We specificaly talked with them about this and they have no problem at all with the situation. On the contrary our changes to the SDK and a specific modelling SDK will allow them and other plugin devlopers to bring their own tools to new heights for those users that can’t be satisfied even with R9s new toolset.


Thank you Srek for the statement :thumbsup: - among others my post were based on the lines above (quotation from MS forum) and it sounded like the developers where not really very happy of seeing their tools copied by Maxon . . . on the other side I could not imagine there was no agreement as this would have been a violation of coprights . . .


" . . of course it is upsetting, and not good for our customers. but at the end of the day you just have to move on . . .

. . .we did not sell it, maxon did not buy or pay for in any way the rights to it or any concepts therein, they merely copied it, our concepts and it’s original workflows. . . .

. . .yes we are beta testers, but what can we do if they choose to copy our tools at the call of the user base? at an extreme we can’t afford to do anything legally and to be honest would really would never want to because that’s just a nasty painful and expensive (without any rewards) route to go down, and it would just do a whole load of damage, so there’s no point"
. . .