UK Masters in Game Art


Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows of good game art design masters in the UK or Europe?

I just graduated from graphic design with a specialism in illustration but I would like to go into 3D modelling and game art design. The only masters I’ve seen offered are at Goldsmiths and NFTS but I’m unsure of how successful the graduates are. I missed an opportunity to do a BA in game art at De Montfort in Leicester and now I’m kicking myself a bit!
Or should I teach myself while working a part-time job?

Any help would be great - thanks!


Masters for game art would be a far more costly, time consuming and inferior to pursuing the craft through other resources. What specifically are you looking to do?


Thanks for the post. I’m looking at character art and potentially prop design too. My style is very ‘illustrative’ at the moment as I specialised in children’s books so I’ll probably have to alter it a bit and learn anatomy further.

I don’t suppose you know of any good online courses?


Below are courses I put together that will fully round out just about any modeler for game or film but before I would recomend a specific paid course I would want to see a portfolio of your work and suggest some free resources first

Post some work or a link here to give a better look at where you are.


A self teaching resource I’d highly recommend:,miniSiteCd-SYBEX.html