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I have a few UI questions:

  1. How to add a horizontal scrollbar to a multilistbox when one of the entries exceeds the width of the multilistbox

  2. How to add some vertical “padding” to radio buttons. I’ve created radio buttons with 1 column, but I would like to add more spacing between them.

Any help appreciated. Thanks


Don’t think it’s possible but I might be wrong…

  1. You cannot, but you could use as alternative an ActiveX or DotNet Listview control as it has more options and does display a horizontal scrollbar when needed (and requested).

  2. You can hack it using multiple single-label radiobuttons linked via the event handler logic. Like this:

rollout test "Test"
radiobuttons rad_set01 labels:#("One") default:1
radiobuttons rad_set02 labels:#("Two") default:0 offset:[0,20]
radiobuttons rad_set03 labels:#("Three") default:0 offset:[0,20]
button btn_checkState "Check State..."

on rad_set01 changed sel do 
	rad_set02.state = rad_set03.state = 0
on rad_set02 changed sel do 
	rad_set01.state = rad_set03.state = 0
on rad_set03 changed sel do 
	rad_set01.state = rad_set02.state = 0

on btn_checkState pressed do
	case of
		(rad_set01.state == 1) : messagebox "One Is Checked!"
		(rad_set02.state == 1) : messagebox "Two Is Checked!"
		(rad_set03.state == 1) : messagebox "Three Is Checked!"

createDialog test


Thanks a lot Bobo!


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