UI problem in Maya - hotbox background


I have just installed Maya and am having issues in the viewport. When I press spacebar to get access to the hotbox, I get an under-laid image. See attached image

The attached image is everything I get when I hit spacebar. The background of the UI menu is not the true menu - the image shown is everything that comes up when I hit the spacebar. The image attached is over a blank area in the middle of the screen. If I hit spacebar multiple times, that image appears multiple times.

I have a GTX 470 and am working with windows 7.
Thanks for any help or suggestion - I am new to Maya so not sure if there is a viewport settings set up like in 3ds Max.

Any help would be awesome. I have posted on the AREA but gotten no help. I am hoping for better result here.



I answered in the area forum… Disable Wacom Virtual HID device in Windows device manager


Disabling wacom virtual HID did not work on either of my systems.
What did work though, was enabling Aero Glass.
(win 7 64 + quadro 1800 and vista 64 + fx9800)



That error appeared when I installed my wacom (so it’s definetly a wacom related isse), but it is still there even after uninstalling my wacom…, wierd.


I definitely had this error, without any adjustments to my wacom. Enabling Aero some time ago, fixed the problem for me too. Maybe it does it for a few reasons.


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