UHD Monitor With C4D


I use UHD Monitor(3840x2160) With C4D
Problem is too small UI… Power Slider & Object Manager Icon(Visible Small Dot)
We Need High-DPI UI…


What is sad is a lot of the ground work has already been done for the Mac retina display and yet they didn’t think about supporting the windows side at the same time. Even though the monitors weren’t common the OS support was already there. Sure sucks when the only options are work ugly or tiny.


Is that with the large icons set in the OM? I know they’re still a bit smaller than the normal icons though, so can’t tell you if they’re any good on UHD.

The timeline looks disastrous.

@Kai, that is odd, I wonder why it wasn’t added in.



Ugh. I’d been scouting 4K monitors, but it looks like I’ll have to put a pause on that. I wonder if that drool-inspiring LG 21:9 monitor has the same issues…


I can shed a little light perhaps…

One of my monitors is perhaps the same as the OP
Samsung U28D590 3840 x 2160 monitor.

For several months I used it with c4d and my mac and it worked charmingly well. Always. I then tried it on Windows 8.1 (new PC build.) And that has been a mixed bag.

On the Windows side…With Modo, Houdini and 3DCoat the 4k monitor always works just fine. With C4D 16 it behaves properly sometimes. I haven’t quite figured it out. Sometimes even while launching the Maxon splash screen will appear normal…and then halfway through the launch the splash screen will shrink down and once fully booted the whole interface is obscenely tiny. It’s a crazy --and painful-- thing to watch!

I’m not sure but I think I have better luck with the EVGA NVIDA driver taking over. I sometimes just needed to fiddle around in BIOS. I can’t remember what the exact trick was. Anyway right now I’d say it’s usable on both Mac and Windows, but erratic on the Win side.

The sweet thing about 4k is that you aren’t stuck with one resolution. Late at night If I’m just browsing I might throw it into 1504 x 846…big retina eye candy.

This Samsung btw…is mediocre. I will likely upgrade later this year to a Dell, LG Asus or Apple. The viewing angles are just too limiting and the color is ‘meh’. But a 4k monitor for $540 was just too tempting when I saw it at Costco.


I’m in the market for a UHD monitor to power a new Boxx machine. I’m a longtime Mac guy, but have been forced over to the Windows world by Apple’s lack of interest in pro users.

I noticed this thread hasn’t been commented on in about a year. Is anyone else running a UHD monitor with C4D r17 on Windows (7, 8.1, or 10 pro)?

I’ve heard about scaling issues, just want to make sure it’s worth it to go the route of UHD. I’m considering the BenQ BL3201PH 32" UHD monitor.


I’d already previously commented but should update my thoughts.

Funny this topic comes up again. I’m thinking about upgrading my primary monitor.

I’m running a UHD with Windows 8.1. I run it at 2560x1440. It’s better than it was a year ago. Stable now. It’s pretty crisp and clean.

The monitor I have is a budget 4K…Samsung U28D590D. I like the 4k but this monitor has limited viewing angle and poor blacks. It’s also only 28"

I run it at 2560x1440. I don’t have great vision so a more finessed resolution is no option.

I’ve thought about going for a bigger 4k–even 40" I could run that at its native resolution at that size and get 110ppi. Again I don’t have very good vision so my needs are a little different.


I have this one: http://www.trustedreviews.com/philips-brilliance-bdm4065uc-review
So it’s 40" and 4K but I recommend it because it does not need scaling at all, it has the same ppi as my previous 27" dell with 2560x1440 but much more screen estate! Once I’ve tried it I could never go back.
Just to present the alternative… :slight_smile:


Thanks for your thoughts IceCaveman. Glad to hear that it is working better in 8.1.

@pinkfluid I haven’t considered a 40" screen. I will check out the link.


this thread is a bit old but i will reply anyway.

ive had the LG 21:9 for a while now. my opinion is that is kicks ass for gaming but totally sucks ass for working in C4D, its just to damn wide. the amount of sideways movment to get from one side to the other is crazy. oh and half your wacom will become redundant.

it has a resolution of 3440 x 1440 and as it has a good pixel density it is the exact same hight as my 10 year old 24" 16:9! oh and it is not height adjustable or turnable. oh and the colourbleeding makes it useless for serious colour grading.

its going on ebay when the price of large 4ks comes down a bit.

i have since one month a 32" 4k in the office and yes at first c4d was hard to work with, but after increaseing the GUI font size to 18 i find its perfectly fine to work with. i even wonder to myself how did i survive for this long without it! just need to get one for home to replace that LG piece of crap.


I am working on a HP Z27s 4K monitor for around 7 months now, first with win 8.1 and now with win 10 and usually the size of the interface is just fine and I point to the “usually”. The UI is a bit blurry but that is because Maxon are too lazy to make a fix for the 4k monitors like they did with the mac (from what I’ve heard the problem is from Microsoft that don’t give away the API or something, I don’t know but Microsoft are also lazy).
What I noticed is when I installed the demo of TFD the UI became very small like some of the guys here mentioned so I guess something with the plugin triggered the conversion of the UI from normal and blurry to small and crisp (the creator of TFD claimed that it is not his problem, it is Maxon and Microsoft problem, I believe him).
So, anyone with the small UI problem, try to delete all your plugins and check if the problem is still there.


I’m not sure I agree with this advice. I run an obscene amount of plugins and have no problem.

I don’t think plugins are the issue so much as OS support and app support and perhaps video drivers.


@theglenster - glad to hear your 32" 4K works great after increasing the GUI font size. Do you notice any blurriness inside c4d?


Thanks for the feedback everyone. It sounds like 4K works for some and not others. I may hold off on 4K until things get sorted a bit better with Windows and scaling. It’s important to me that the interface is clear without any blurring.


I’ve also been looking at moving to 4K or even 5K but don’t want a retina style monitor. Looking for a larger native res monitor.

There seem to be two monitors that fit the bill, the Philips 40" mentioned above and the Seiki 40". Have not used either one, and both apparently can have serious issues according to the reviews I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot of them. But they are fairly cheap in price for a monitor of that size.

I’ll probably wait for someone to make a higher quality version, how about a 5K 50", that would be sweet! That would be enough to go back to a single monitor.


I guess I’m old school enough to have paid thousands of dollars per monitor for
15" 1990’s
17" Late 1990’s
23" Early 2000’s
30" Mid 2000’s

So I’m pretty sweet to the idea of paying right around 1k for a 40" monitor. If I didn’t have so much business travel lined up I’d be buying one this week. Soon, though. Soon.


I didnt say that there is a problem with ALL plugins, I noticed there is a change in the app resolution when I installed TFD, when I uninstalled it the resolution came back to normal.
I am using several other plugins and the problem only happen with TFD.


I sure am not trying to invalidate your experiences. Maybe you discovered a real issue. I will just say that I haven’t had any display/resolution problems with TFD.

Maybe your mix and match of drivers and versions are different than mine.

For now I will stick by my hunch because plugin vendors typically follow interface guidelines provided by Maxon. At least that’s my sense of it.

It’s OK for us to disagree. :slight_smile:


no ive not had any blurring issues. ive read somewhere that clouding/blurring problems on large 4k screens can be curred by going into the monitors menu and changing the displayport version from 1.2 to 1.2.
here is a screenshot of c4d at 4k with larger GUI text.

bild hochladen


You do provoke me to mention cables…in relation to refresh rate and resolution.

With these behemoth monitors you really want the latest DVI or HDMI or MiniPort cable version to ensure that you aren’t getting sluggish 30KHZ refresh rate when you can enjoy 60KHZ. Also in some cases you won’t get the monitors full resolution w/out the proper type of cable.