Ugly lines


Hi there,

i have to fly over a bitmap on wich i would like to paint black lines. Using a background with a rectangle mask makes the edges very ugly (because the lines are extremly scaled. Doing it with a paint node looks better but blurry.

How can i get a perfect line with crisp edges, no matter how close a fly with my camera?!

Thanks for help,


from your description i guess you do it in a 2d way. did you try do make it in the 3d space? sounds like the perfect job for a 3d setup

otherwise: create a higher resolution version of the background and the blacklines. so that you dont have to upscale that much if you come that close


I attached a screenshot and a fusion comp that you can see how i did it. I thougt this is a 3d setting, isnt it? The background with the rectangle mask is set to 8000x8000 pixel without bettering.

Perhaps i do it totally wrong…?



okay, this is a 3d setup. i dont know why you use a projection on this, but i’ll check you attached file.


okay, this is no projection, its a image plane
sorry, for the wrong first look of the screenshot

i checked you comp, on thing: you texture image which goes into the camera image plane has only a resolution of 1920x1080. because the background (with the paint tool) has this size.

but i also tried with a version where the background was also 8k, and the lines didnt get better.

if you need only a straight line i would go with a plane as background and another plane for the line. in my test this gave a perfect line


Sorry for the delay…

Unfortunately i have to paint freeform strokes, so i will accept the blurry linkes. But i don’t understand why vectorbased paintings become pixelated…

Thanks for your help!


the strokes are not real vectors, you put an pixelbased image into the 3d setup and there you have a defined resolution. maybe try to paint your path on a really high image resolution, e.g. 20k


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