UGAC - Super Shiny and Sexy vehicle - SHEPEIRO


Genre: 1950s SCI-FI
Concept: the year is 1957, interstellar travel has been acheived. the nearest livable planet is waiting to be explored.
once a lush sea world, dramatic climate change has seen the sea dry up, leaving a flat dry arid planet. discovery of huge oil reserves under the parched white sands has seen a huge explosion of commercial interest in the planet.
take control of 16 cylinder, beast of a car, travel at 400 mph to explore the planet and find your black wealth, aswell as take part in the land speed races that are rapidly becoming a fixture.

the car you drive will be a 20ft long polished aluminium beast, with the grace and curves of Marilyn Monroe and the power of President Truman.

play would revolve around missing rocks, keeping out of the dust clouds of others, as well as keeping your car on the ground, in one peice at the fastest speed possible, untill your eyelids start to bleed


first concept, not too sure if im going for sommit like this yet

forgive the quality, completely drawn with mouse at work


Nice concept, Shepeiro! I like the retro-futuristic look, reminds me of the Fallout games! Good luck!


Right back at ya!

liking the doodle - naboo-esque caddy.


new concept, jet instead of 16 cylinder engine, but way more shexshy (in a connery style)


made a start on the model

quite pleased but im gonna change it quite a bit, as its a bitt too batmobile at the mo, needs more beef

moved the cockpit further back, so its back to being wheel driven, albeit wheel driven using a jet turbine, with afterbuner nitrus excess at top speed.


these are the proposed changes im gonna make to the overall shape.

whad da ya tink


Looking good Shep :thumbsup:

I just wonder at the amount of polys for the tires… compared to the rest of the chassis, which looks alittle on the low side (but then again, it is a wip, and I guess you are simply roughing in the body?) Seems you still have alot of triangles to play with… just hope you have enough to refine and add all the necessary details needed.

Overall though… looks great! Keep at it!




yeah tyres are probably at finished res, although well see later, as you said i am just roughing out the body, so they will be smoothed,

at the mo im trying to figure out whether or not its going to be possible to model the spoked wheels, or just use alpha, i want to model them (1 tri for each spoke) to avoid probs with jaggedy detail from the texture, and it will save a load of space.

mmmm, off to do some extensive calculations


Personally, I would use an alpha with normal maps rendered off of an actual high rez set of spokes… much cheaper on poly count that way, and can still look believable (I do this for things like chain-link fences for example). But this ultimately a subjective call. I guess that in the end, it all boils down to how many polys you have to play with… If the chassis (including and asthetic details) doesn’t eat up too many polys (in otherwords, you still have alot to play with), then it might be neat to see actual 3d spokes… but in gaming specifically, this would method would not be very viable.

Then again, (despite the restictions of 6000 triangles which is within game budgets) seeing how this is not being built for an actual game, perhaps rules can indeed be bent alittle.




well as a game artist, its going to be effecient, but i reakon that i can get a decent set of spoked wheels for under 600 tris each erm by some dodgy calculations

2 tris per spoke,
4 spokes per “knot” (crisscrossy bit)
12 knots per wheel
=96 tri’s

hopefully this wont look too sparse, anyway with a 20 section wheel it all comes to around 500-600 tris per wheel (including brake discs) thats 2-2.4k which may be do-able

compared to a alpha’d spokes , 20 sections double two sets of spokes= 40 tris,

56 extra for spokes doesnt sound too bad, but ill have to test my theory out tonight and see if it works:curious:


Hey Shep… The spokes issue got me thinking (and remembering something). Just in case you (or anyone else) haven’t seen this yet, its definately worth a look. It goes into detail about adding details without breaking polycounts… A great read for sure (the software used is XSI, but the principals are the same be it Max, Maya or anything else out there)




NRG- thanks, actually, i had forgotten about using those alpha plane techniques (most of the time they look pretty pooh when up close so i try to avoid using them, but behind spokes its a really good tech for the disc brakes etc.

update time.

done wheel at 400tris it OK,

made changes getting happier with it, but still not quite there in the ariel aspect.

and some little material test i made

C&C esp on how to rectifi the top profile???

EDIT- 2780 tris so far -EDIT


Hi Shepeiro,

fantastic start you have made,

I think this baby could use a big Twin Cam Engine poking though the bonnet or maybe some big dragster exhausts to make it even more Super Sexy!

Great work so far!


Oh yeah, I like this car, too. That baby would need a very big rear wing I think :smiley: .


Oh yeah, I like this car, too. That baby would need a very big rear wing I think :smiley: .
yeah i agree but i dont want to spoil its lines, any ideas


Hey Shepeiro, nice work, for the wing i think continue the line of the body over the rear weels and make a wing out of that line, this way you have a wing and a wheelcase at the samee time without ruining the shape of the car. I think.

I found it a shame the rear wheels have no wheelcase anyway. Kind of awkward looking because the front wheels do have wheelcases.


been thinking about it for a while now,

heres me thoughts.

what i like—
i think the side profile is almost perfect, so i want to change this as little as pos.

what i dont like----
top profile, i dont like the “waist”, this i think gives it a bone look with the wheels at the ends.

i can live without the rear spoiler, cos its not really in keeping with the timeperiods style that im looking at (50 60s lemans and f1 cars for inspiration), and the side profile is sweet IMO

but i think im gonna play with front end and make the wheel gaurds stick out less then make the it taper gradually towards the back end, so its more tear drop shape.


Hey Shep. Looking very creative (where as mine is leaning closer on realism). I am really liking those spokes… tres cool! :thumbsup: (I also like how you made the rear wheels exposed…[no wheel well] )

As for the body top contour, its hard to say at this point. Once the body is more refined, it will make things alot clearer. Overall though… looking sharp.




Sweet start there, I’m definately getting hints of '50s racer, LeMans and Land Speed Record cars here.