UGAC - Super Shiny and Sexy vehicle - OriK


Name: OriK
Genre: SciFi
Concept: rolling hovering super sportcoupé (aoc 2089)

My concept is a future vehicle with integrated wheels in the body. They are fixed in a movable ball bearing that can be rotated 90 degrees to activate the hover mode. The car is rolling on narrow wheels to reduce the friction.
In 2089 there will be built special roads with super flat and smooth surfaces which allow these vehicles to drive with very high speeds. In the case you want to leave those roads you can activate the hover mode. Therefor 4 supportive engines under the car lift it up so that the 4 mainengines can be rotated and activated in the air. After that action the supportive engines will be deactivated. The disadvantage of hovering is the higher consumption of energy. When rolling on the optimized roads the vehicle has a range of around 4000 kilometers. While hovering the vehicle has a range of only 800-1000 kilometers.
Because of the fixed wheels in the body you have no physical suspension. To compensate shocks the cockpit has been placed in a special fluid. This gel fluid absorbs normal shocks. But if you drive on classic roads this dampersystem decreases the max speed dramatically.
Another feature becomes the cockpit itself. You don’t look through a windshield but a concave surface in front of the “pilot”. In front of the vehicle a small camera is mounted. This camera projects the front view on the concave display.
On that display you can change the field of view as well. Just to increase the speed feeling, when 500 km/h are not enough :stuck_out_tongue: . The advantage is what you see. You have a free view without an interfering dashboard or other panels. You can see the entire road and with the higher FOV more environment. Pretty save I think :smiley: .

I’ve tested first designs in 3dsmax and I think this is the direction I’m going to go. The passenger cab is still missing.


nice to see you join Orik, getting a I robot audi/ bugatti Veyron vibe here,

thought you might be interested in this comp:D

wanna see some sick styling on those wheels, and maybe some nice strip neon lighting (energy effecient) it looks electric, perhaps, the car could receive charge off the road surface:curious:


I nearly completed the exterior. But I don’t like the passenger cab yet. I will redesign it today and place two small engines in the two holes in the lower rear bumper for the propulsion while hovering. Polycount 3389 at the moment. 2600 should be enough for the bottom and the quite simple interior. I hope it’s gonna be sexy :smiley: .


i think you need some geo to break up the side panels, maybe a cool door handle, or foot p[late or something, be carefull though, you dont want to spoil those lines though theyre, sweet as


You’re right. Had no time yet to fnish the side panel. I think today I can finish the entire exterior.


just thinking, those front inlayed panels could do with a nice mesh covering some “interesting bits” thinking of the type of mesh in the front intakes of murcheilargo (SP)


Hehe, you’re right again :slight_smile: . These areas are a little bit challenging.

First try to break these empty areas. But doesn’t match to the entire design.

I think this is much better but not optimal yet (edited in PS).


i think keep it as a mesh (same geom with alpha) and add some internal stuff behind it , the goe your adding there makes it a little over complicated


Hot stuff, good as usual, du Schlingel. Subscribed this thread.


I’m not sure about the side, they look pretty slick as they are. I don’t know how you’re getting in, but maybe add some outlines of a door?


Structures like doorlines etc will be added with normalmaps. But I will still add some geodetails to the side skirts.

New update. Played around with the passenger cup a long time. I think this goes more to coupé than the first shape. 3666 tris atm.

  When driving with high speed you need a stabilizer. So you have a well tried retractable spoiler :D .

I tried to change the front inlayed panels but nothing was matching to the rest of the design. I still have the idea to make something with chrome elements. My last idea for those areas.


nice, heres a cool detail you can add.

in the futrure why bother use mirrors when cameras can give you full suround images

i think maybe six cameras, three front and back (middle and sides) for parking and over taking, and maybe two ring mirrors, could provide some real nice focus points also if you think about it now they could be tied in with th flow of the model.


I already created some side mirrors. While building them I had the same idea with the surrounding cameras. And because you look at a display anyway you can see the different views without turning your head :slight_smile: .



mmm dont like those mirrors, makes it too carlike, and spiols those lines

what about making them more errr nubby, errrr i mean small, just big enough to house a small camera lens

lik ethis


very cool, i like the concept/design but i think the headlights are just too narrow, looks like they are just grooves for ventilation or something

how do you go about the materials (regarding reflections) btw?


I totally agree. That’s why the last renderings are without the mirrors :wink: .
I can try the cameramirrorthing because there must be anything :slight_smile: .


I will place small powerfull LEDs inside the headlight (via normalmap). I think there is enough space for that. Otherwise I have to make it higher.

I’m just rendering with raytracereflection and hdri background.
But I think I will create my own reflectionmap and fake the hdr effect as shown in the rules section (because I don’t know how to make my own hdri :stuck_out_tongue: ). Just a sky with sun und surrounding (not to high) mountains. It’s pretty neutral and easy to do. For the final model I will change to simple environment mapping.


LEDs thatll be cool, it hink thatll be fine for space, make sure they go under a plane of glass


Yep, I will definitaly extrude ähm intrude :smiley: the head-, taillights and cover with glass


The side panel has been updated (not final). Tried some single chromeparts in the front as well. Later I will fake those elements via normalmap. As for the mirrors I did not find any acceptable results so I took the old mirrors again and made them smaller. Only big enough to place a lens inside.

On the rear I only merged the two enginges together

The change from rolling to hover mode is also done. Next you see the vehicle hovering with the 4 small auxiliary power units while the wheels/main engines rotate into flying position.

And ready to fly away.

4512 tris atm.


This looks so cool.
My only crit is to maybe make the umm rim/bit around the wheels smoother. They look a bit too edgey, but, I haven’t read through this thread really, just looked at the pictures, so I am not sure if there is a reason for it being edgey. But good work :smiley: