Ugac - Prop 102 - Ultimate Crate/barrel


~~~~~~~~~~ PROP 102 - UGAC Mini Challenge ~~~~~~~~~~

In the wake of the previous challenges, we are getting back to simpler roots with a smaller challenge. We have decided to try and keep these challenges short and sweet to allow for more growth as an artist by partaking in these challenges while requiring less commitment than previous challenges. Instead of a month long ‘full’ challenge - which is what the new format of the Unofficial Game Art Challenges may again become - we will test the waters with shorter ‘prop’ mini challenges.


ULTIMATE CRATE[color=darkorange] / ULTIMATE BARREL[/color]

In this challenge, you are tasked with creating the one iconic object that will populate your game world. Your ULTIMATE CRATE or ULTIMATE BARREL is an instant icon of pop culture. Picture if you will the Question Mark Boxes from the Mario games, the crates of Mangos from Crash Bandicoot or the barrels from Donkey Kong. They are all objects from gaming history that have made it as a symbol of the genre. IT is now your task to redefine that gaming staple. Lets see what your crates and barrels look like…and what treasures they hold!

PROP 102 Guildelines:

YOUR MODEL MUST fit within the CRATE AND BARREL mechanic:

*** ONLY model the prop. We do not want to see models of the vehicle, character or environment the prop belongs to…THIS CHALLENGE IS ONLY ABOUT THE PROP.
Sketches or a description of what the prop belongs to will be enough to sell the PROP. FOCUS ON THE PROP. ***

[li]1000 triangles LIMIT[/li][li]ONE 512x512 colour map w/alpha[/li][li]ONE 512x512 spec map[/li][li]ONE 512x512 normal/bump map[/li][/ul]***** THIS IS A CHALLENGE - PLEASE FOLLOW THE TECH SPECS VERBATIM *****



** YOUR THREAD MUST begin with:


So if I was creating a thread it would look like:


** if you do not name your thread exactly as it is outlined above, it will be renamed for you!

IN YOUR THREAD, YOU [color=lime]MUST POST:[/color]
[li]description of game genre - FPS, RTS, platformer, etc[/li][li]concept sketch - show us what you are thinking before modeling[/li][li]progress screens - show us how it is being modeled - take screen grabs and post them along the way[/li][li]texture plates - show all of the 512x512 texture files[/li][li]final render - two final 1024x768 JPGs - show the model from 4 views - front, side, back, perspective - include the title of your thread on these JPGs - make one showing a solid wireframe on the object and the other without wireframe, as it would be seen in the game engine[/li][/ul]TIMELINE:

[size=2][color=lime]****** UGAC - PROP 102 - ULTIMATE CRATE/BARREL ENDS JULY 4th 12PM PST ******[/color][/size]

Voting procedure will again be announced soon.

Good luck!


hehe, I like this :slight_smile:



[li]1000 triangles LIMIT[/li]> [li]ONE 512x512 colour map w/alpha[/li]> [li]ONE 512x512 spec map[/li]> [li]ONE 512x512 normal/bump map[/li]> [/ul]

[/b]for a crate? :eek:


I like it.

Isnt 1000 triangles and a 512 map a bit much for a background object that is going to be repeated in the scene a lot?


I recognized the Icon of the challenge!That’s the box of Yoshy’s Island!

Anyway nice challenge!


im in for sure :smiley:

now i gotta fig out what crate/barrel whatever im gonna pick :\

am i allowed to make multiple objects ? aslong as i keep to the restricted face limit / map limit ?

does it have to be from a game ?


THIS IS THE [color=lime]ULTIMATE CRATE![/color]

try to think outside the box! literally! it could be a crate, a barrel, a cryo tube, a field locker, etc.

1000 tris for the crate/barrel, whatever is detailed around it and whatever is in it…

1000 tris does not sound too unreasonable with smart loading schemes, instancing of objects and auto LOD’s…

just have fun adn remember the keyword… ULTIMATE!


…And a lot of 360 processing power :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: How about including a call for judges in the challenge outline? If we get 'em while the challenge is running, maybe the voting will happen more quickly.


I second.
Also; the final submissions thread should be made BEFORE the deadline, so people don’t feel they are too late when they don’t visit the site on the deadline itself. Start it today(?)


ok so what is meant by barrel/crate mechanic? It can ONLY be along the lines of a box or barrel? Like cant we have something like stars, or bones, or fishbones, etc??? or does it have to be like just along the lines of boxes but with variation of what they contain?


Just for clarification
It was mentioned what treasures the crate and barrel might contain. Is it allowed to make the contents also. If so does the polycount and texture budget cover the treasure too?




haha, I’m gonna love texturing this


MoonMonkey heres your answer.

1000 tris for the crate/barrel, whatever is detailed around it and whatever is in it…

P.S. Forgot to mention, I’m in too. THis is going to be fun.


kickoff : [b]

[/b]coudnt resist people :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see your crates boys and gals!! :smiley: I’m in this one!!


wow, interesting, lsounds like fun!:bounce:


I’m definitly in, but I’m quite the beginner in Maya and I don’t really understand the concept of spec and bump maps, and how to implement them onto a model.

So my entry may be quite limited, but I’ll see what I can pull off.


While I can’t really see needing 3 512 maps, it does sound like fun… I’ll throw down some concepts after lunch.


i’m in like flynn