Submission sheets, and quicktime movie.

Quicktime turnaround movie (1,6 Mb)


Just a first idea. Its some kind of crate to contain harmfull materials. I will post more sketches, this is just to try out.


really nice idea and sketch, keep it up
is that glass around it?


Thanks! There’s no glass around it, but thats a good idea. I might use that :wink:


great idea, I can’t think…

which apps are you gonna use Supervlieg


MWarsame: Thanks. Max, Photoshop and the occasional OpenCanvas for sketching :slight_smile:


Ooh, neat design. Definitely falls under the category of ‘ultimate’.


Thanks alistair.

Here is another design which im thinking about. Kind of a bio-barrel container being. It’s alive!


reminds me of that book in Harry Potter movie…

Looks very creepy and cartoony, thats perfect.


Aha :smiley: I love the bio-barrel idea… definitely invites the thought of weird and slimy textures :thumbsup:


Hehehehe…that…i would love to see modeled and textured…:thumbsup:


both cool! the first sketch reminds me quite a bit of the thing in Batman Begins.


ArYes: Thanks, Ill probably go for a less cartoony thing compared to this sketch.
JamesMk: Yeah, slimy textures, and weathered skin and stuff. Love it.
DimitrisLiatsos: Thanks. Stay tuned!
Adam Atomic: Now that you mention it, it looks like that thing yeah. I guess it was some kind of a subconcious influence.

Im thinking about a combination of the bio-barrel and the crate. Ill whip up a sketch a little later.


so its a doom3 ammo crate eh ? lol
nice work i like the organic crate idea its really creative i will definitely be eyeing this one.


super for the win! :smiley:

I like those concepts :slight_smile:


I love the cube one, the living crate is cool also! i’d love to see a moving pulsating slime texture like in doom3’s growth walls on that living crate, and i think the cube should have the glass in it.


DOH… i was thinkin of somethin like your first concept myself…

Nice though, I like the futuristic one with the floating object suspended by some type of field… . very star trek but i was thinkin instead of a typical box shape for the outter container why not use something more complex like a geo-sphere or something?


Decided to go for the bio-barrel. Here’s a little start I made at the model. Currently around 700 polies.


Franklyn: Thanks. I guess doom had some influence somewhere along the line.
Geta-Ve: Lol, Thanks. Might be a bit early to say though :smiley:
GLandolina: Living barrel it is. It seems like more fun to do.
Aries326: Feel free to go for your idea. I abandoned my first concept and decided on the bio-barrel.


super - haha I didnt realize your avatar pops up… :stuck_out_tongue: just saw that when i clicked forward… :slight_smile:

also, dunno if that was the final model? but i’d say the teeth are too small :frowning:

:slight_smile: cheers!

I still say super for the win though :smiley: haha