Ugac - Prop 102 - Ultimate Crate/barrel - James Kaufeldt


Awright! I’ve never done anything game related ever, but I kind of like the monolithic nature of this challenge - so I’m in right now!

I’ve got a sketch already, just have to go pestering my neighbours and see if I can borrow a scanner for two minutes.

The plan is to make a pretty high-techish box containing some really evil über-weapon. My prop would be used in something similar to a Doom3 engine, with a gameplay along the lines of a Sci-Fi adventure FPS.

More info when I get the sketch scanned and posted.


OK, here’s the sketch:

Your everyday tactical nuke storage locker. Punch in the access code on the keypad on the front, and the whole sidepanel slides open like a drawer (to the left) and reveals some sort of BFG :smiley:

Details and colours are bound to change, but the sketch hopefully clarifies my intentions.


No fluffy bunnies inside ?
gah :\


OMG Thats my PC box :slight_smile:

Great design buddy, keep it up and good luck


Nice sketch. This one looks interesting.


Voutlooz - 'fraid not on the bunny issue… but I thought I could incorporate a bunny in the logo on the front of the box perhaps…

ArYes - Maybe it’s one of those sick mod cases :smiley:

Supervlieg - Hm, hope it will be. I like the idea of just making one single thing without having to worry about environments and so on…


Hey wabbit…neat concept on crate …maybe if it’s a bit shorter it looks more techy …:bounce: …spontaneous thought of a headless nut…to another…errr…nut


Good thinking - would make it look more compact and flak-proof too.


Got started on the modeling…

Still in quad-mode so to speak - and I assume that’s how one would do it to preserve one’s sanity… quads while modeling, then careful triangulation once once the model is mostly done? Like I said in my initial post, I’ve never done game models before :smiley: Oh, and I’ve split the mesh a bit too, to avoid unnecessary polygons… considering this will be a static mesh, non-deforming, that would be an OK approach too?

Anyways… it’s mostly done modeling-wise, aside from adjustments and tweaking…

Next step would be some optimisations, followed by triangulation and clean-up… then onwards to unwrapping…

Current state:

The steps leading to the current state (I left the cube out, you’ve seen cubes before)

Looks like I’m going to have about 300 tris left over for the weapon inside.



Good start. The mesh looks nice and clean. Cant wait to see the weapon.

You wont have to triangulate (quads are polies too!), but be sure to count tri’s for your final polycount.

One thing though, will the backside of the crate be as interesting to look at as the other sides?

Rock on!



can’t believe you’re that far with this awesome prop

I like it, especially that you got some tris left

good one :thumbsup:


M’kay… well, no, the backside is not going to be very interesting - thinking along the lines of Doom3, this one would probably be standing with it’s backside against a wall somewhere anyway, so I’ve spent my polys on the other sides instead.

Weaponwise… decision: A really silly looking, chubby bomb - classic stylee :smiley:

Now only 45 tris left unused… I’ll see while texturing the other bits if I can come up with something to use them for. If not, this will end up at 955 triangles.

I want to move as fast as possible on this one, so I will probably move on to textures now… or rather tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep and some other duties.

As far as textures go, it looks like I’ll have to be a bit creative in terms of variable UV scaling :hmm:



Wow, you work fast. I love the look of it, especially the little chubby bomb:)


JamesMK nice one man, great effert put into the design,

PS can’t wait to see the textures and shading


Dude, it’s a giant coffee machine with a bomb! That’s bordering on awesome territory. Add the textures and you’ll be there.


Nice! Maybe use the 45 polies left to give the little bomb some kind of detailing. Like a control panel or maybe a little propellor or detonator on top of the bomb. Or some rails/claws that hold the bomb in place on a wild ride.


Wahahaha now there’s an idea, a morning wake up with kick…I suggest going into production with that one James :smiley:


Mwaahaahaa! It’s maybe a thermos-nuclear device :smiley: OK… that was really bad…

Anyways, Supervlieg, good ideas - I’ve added a little detonator on top and a rudimentary control panel, and now there’s only 12 tris unused. I’ve decided to settle for that, and I’m adjusting phong angles and breaking edges now, so soon the time will come for texturing.

Stay tuned…


It’s actually one of the coolest I’ve seen so far and one of the only ones modelled already! :surprised
Keep it coming! and leave us the unexperienced some chance lol


Looking Great. Good Job!!!