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[color=black][size=2][b]UGAC- Megaman Villain- Rules -[/b] [/size][/color]

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“Megaman Villain” -THEME:

Welcome back to the new Unofficial Game Art Competition. Back by popular demand is another Character modeling challenge. This time around; you will be participating in the “Megaman Villain” UGAC. In this challenge, you are tasked with creating a single Character for next generation games. The Character has to be an entirely new villain addition to the Megaman series. It is time to explore what new villains will go against Megaman and his friends. The mission priority for this challenge is to create a well known icon of gaming history with varied differences already explored in the past games. Stylization will be your own, but keep in mind that this should fit into the Megaman world.

“Megaman Villain” -Guildelines:

YOUR MODEL MUST fit within “Megaman Villain”s’ challenge mechanics:

ONLY model one character. We do not want to see a recreation of a Megaman Villain we want to see an entirely new Villain. Sketches or a description of what, and how and what the villains powers will be or look like. Below is a list of all the Villains from Megaman to Megaman 8 as well as a website containing many if not all villains and characters in the series. In your character name you have to put “Man” or “Women” at the end. Like Disco Man or Disco Women.

[/color][/size][/font][color=black][font=Verdana]TECHNICAL SPECS:[/color][/font]

[li][font=Verdana][size=1]8,000 triangles LIMIT[/size][/font][/li][li][font=Verdana][size=1]2 Color maps 1024x1024 with alpha[/size][/font][/li][li][font=Verdana][size=1]2 Normal maps 1024x1024 with alpha[/size][/font][/li][li][font=Verdana][size=1]2 Specular maps 1024x1024 with alpha[/size][/font][/li][li][font=Verdana][size=1]2 Glow/Effects/Whatever maps 1024x1024 with alpha[/size][/font][/li][/ul][color=black][font=Verdana][size=1]THIS IS A CHALLENGE - PLEASE FOLLOW THE TECH SPECS VERBATIM, if you have any questions that are not already asked in the FAQ below, feel free to post them here (in the rules thread) and they will be answered and added to the FAQ’s


“Megaman Villain” -POSTING GUIDELINES:

YOUR THREAD MUST begin with:
UGAC – Megaman -

So if I was creating a thread it would look like:
UGAC - Megaman - Ghostscape

** if you do not name your thread exactly as it is outlined above, it will be renamed for you! :smiley:

“Megaman” -Submissions:

Posting guidelines will be in the submission thread. This thread will be up immediately this time around. So if you finish your project early, you can now post it before the final week of the competition. Finished models only, DO NOT post a WIP in the submission thread!

Please do not comment about other entries posted in the submissions thread (note: WIP’s outside of the submissions thread are ok and encouraged!) until all judging is complete and the “ok” is given

[color=black][font=Verdana]Competition ends October 15th, 2006, at Midnight PST.
[/color][/font] [color=black][font=Verdana]
List of villains you can’t use:

[size=1]Air Man
Aqua Man
Astro Man

Blizzard Man
Bomb Man
Bright Man
Bubble Man
Burner Man
Burst Man

Centaur Man
Charge Man
Cloud Man
Cold Man
Crash Man
Crystal Man
Cut Man

Dive Man
Drill Man
Dust Man
Dynamo Man

Electric Man

Fire Man
Flame Man
Flash Man
Freeze Man
Frost Man

Gemini Man
Guts Man
Gravity Man
Grenade Man
Ground Man
Gyro Man

Hard Man
Heat Man

Ice Man

Junk Man

Knight Man

Magic Man
Magnet Man
Metal Man

Napalm Man
Needle Man

Pharaoh Man
Pirate Man
Plant Man

Quick Man

Ring Man

Search Man
Shade Man
Shadow Man
Slash Man
Skull Man
Snake Man
Spark Man
Spring Man
Star Man
Stone Man
Sword Man

Tengu Man
Toad Man
Tomahawk Man
Top Man
Turbo Man

Wave Man
Wind Man
Wood Man

Yamato Man

Link to Megaman series Characters (For Style Reference):

Good luck!
-Michael Patrick Clark and Rogelio Olguin [/color][/size][/font]



  1. Since we already have two people “calling” NinjaMan (one in the previous thread before the rules were put up and one as the first post here) there is no “calling” a name. So there can be 20 different NinjaMan’s or whatever. I’m instating this largely because we usually have about 40 threads that get started and about 10 that finish, and I don’t want people who do not complete their submissions (or even start them beyond creating the thread) to tie up a specific name.

With that in mind, I STRONGLY urge you to keep your submission original, as I’m pretty sure the judges aren’t going to enjoy 20 different versions of DongMan or whatever.

Also, “Ninja Man” may actually be Shuriken Man or Katana Man or Stealth Man or Cloak Man or whatever, and you may want to change his name from such. Star Man was actually a shuriken-wielding villain, so you may want to take that into consideration.

  1. The only Megaman universe we’re doing is the original Megaman style, not the X series, not the Zero series, not the ZX series. While there are similaries between the different series, they all have different themes and comparing an X-style boss to an original style boss is not something we want to worry about.

Additionally, it must be an original character. The concept can be similar to one previously done (IE, in the Megaman series alone there is Heat Man, Flame Man, and Burner Man, so Icicle Man could be done despite there being a Frost, Freeze, and Ice Man :D)

Finally, in case this wasn’t clear enough, it has to be a -(wo)man style enemy, not a Dr. Wily replacement, not a halfway boss or common enemy, etc.


I called it, Ninja Man. Once I get home to my scanner, I’ll throw up my sketches in a thread.

Incidently, this is sheppyboy2000. Reason for the change? Just kinda tired of being Sheppyboy2000 everywhere online. Seriously, this has been my online presence name (aside from Xbox Live) since 1996. Expect no more postings from Sheppyboy.


Is the character design restricted to the big eyes, childish, anime look of the series or can we go on a tangent on this competition?


Originally Posted by Ghostscape/RO
Stylization will be your own, but keep in mind that this should fit into the Megaman world.

Junerahe, while decisions to include the big eyes and what not is your own, it seems this competition will be judged at least somewhat on how well it incorporates into the Megaman universe. I would imagine that going off in a super-realistic direction, for example, would hurt you in the end with judging.


Should have read the fine print. Thanks!


Dibs on Mummy Man! (yes, I know Pharaoh Man is taken)

Can somebody provide a link to some information on glow maps for me? I’m sure I’m not the only person who could benefit from it.

Also, I found another page with information about Megaman villains with screenshots of each. May be useful for somebody.


A glow map tute would be rather nifty…

Making a slight change on my claim… Colossal Man… tee hee… ahwell i suppose if anyone accidentally grabs the same name as someone else it will be cool to see what the other does… so really not a claim just a statement… meh…

Good hunting people


Dibs on Boxer man!


Archangel Man is what im goin to try and design, this sounds like a really awesome competition idea kudos for the ones that came up with it. or mayb death man need to whip up some doodles

question: according to the guidelines do we have to use all the specified maps even if for whtever reason a character doesnt require it ? or is that simply the max amount of maps and effects we can use ?

just tryin to completly understand all the rulz thx




hmm, very very tempting… i’m curious if there’s been a character named “Tesla man/girl”… if not, i call it (though i’m not going to say i’m the only one that can do that… it’d be interesting to see other people’s interpretation of him/her)

though, i’m curious… only two colours for the colour map? only two? that would definately be a challenge (makes me wonder if a cel-shaded approach would work, if not the goal)

i’ll see about whipping up some character designs and posting them to a WIP thread…

also, great timing, being between contracts (and having lost a lot of impetus on the other projects i’m working on) this might be a good thing to keep those creative juices flowing.


This is a great idea dude.

Edit: Woops!


I guess he means two color maps… not two colors…:wise:

And as for a tutorial to “Glow Map’s” heres one…

and i’ll btw maybe join in… never done any UGAC… Mega Man is defenetly a intresting subject



Double post… sorry


Glad this is on the front page now :smiley: let the contest trully begin! :smiley:


urk, whoops… yeah i see what you mean. sheesh, i really should make sure my eyes are open next time i read the forums :stuck_out_tongue:




Already called it in another thread, but I’m taking Gear Man. He will have giant gears that spin and charge a turbine to create electricity-based attacks.


Hmmm, I was going to enter a challenge sooner or later might as well it be this one, since I’m a Megaman fan.


holy hell what a great subject!

must…resist…temptation…life, toooo bussssyyyy…