UGAC- Master Chamber- Submissions


Please post your work below in the following format:
General Information [color=white]- Include Your name, along with the final tech specs, and a Link to your WIP thread.
[/color]Description of game genre - Racing, FPS, etc (if your vehicle was not built for any specific game type, put ‘general’)
Concept sketch - show us what you are thinking before modeling
Texture plates - show all of the texture files (if you wish, place an non-obtrusive watermark) Please scale down your textures to 50% for large textures, since there are so many textures being used for your environment.
Final render - Four+ final 1024x768 JPGs - show the level from 4 different views -include the title of your thread on these JPGs. Please make at least one of the four images [color=deepskyblue]with a solid wireframe showing the whole environment, and the others rendered out without a wireframe, as it would be seen in the game engine. Use as many images as needed to convey your environment as fully as you’d like it to be seen.
[/color] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
If you have volunteered for Judging, please use the format from past UGAC’s to determine this challenges’ outstanding entries. Basically this means you choose the top three, and award 3, 2, and 1 points to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and provide comments explaining why you chose them. Additional critique and commentary on the other entries is extremely valued but not required.

 [color=cyan]-[/color]If you would like to volunteer please [b]E-Mail [/b]me @ [email=""][/email] or [b]PM[/b] me (Ghostscape).

[color=cyan]We Currently need judges! Judging is easy and doesn’t take much time, but your feedback and opinions are important to us! Please contact me[/color]
[color=white]Try to get your entries posted before or on Thursday August 24th, 2006 (Entries will not be accepted after 11:59PM, Pacific Standard Time); as judging will begin soon afterwards

Please[b] do not comment[/b] about other entries [b]posted[/b],until all judging is complete and the “ok” is given



[b]Name: Matthew Salisbury
Tech Specs: 17,095 Faces 9,104 Vertices
WIP Thread:

Description: This was intended for a First Person shooter Arena, Also I likedthe idea of having Lightsaber battles too.


Wire Renders:

Screen Shots:

Final Renders:



[li]Name : Rogelio Olguin[/li][li][color=yellow]Specs : 19,998 faces[/color][/li][li][color=yellow]WIP Thread : [/color]Click Here[/li][li][color=yellow]Movie : (Right click Save as) Click Here[/color][/li][li]Description : It is for fps adventure/rpg alike oblivion. This is a court yard of a lost civilization found in a dried out planet, that resembles Aztec architecture. [color=#fffffe][/color][/li][/ul]TEXTURES
[li]HighRes Texture : Click Here[/li][/ul]




The Silo
- Third Person Futuristic Action/Adventure
- 19,963 triangles
- WIP Thread Here
Optic Nerve has come a long way, and he’s still looking for answers. Answers as to who wants him dead, and why. He’s trailed his stalker to an abandoned Missile Silo out in the wastelands of Arizona. He doesn’t know what waits inside the derelict silo, but in the eerie glow of the silo, he knows he’ll find his answers.

The location is the inside of an abandoned Missile Silo, in the tube itself. Poorly lit and dating back to the cold war, the scene is set for an ominous meeting with a shadowy figure and ultimately a battle between the protagonist and the one who lives in the silo.




No Lights Viewport:




Animated Fly Through (<10 Megs) Here (RIght Click Save As. Quicktime Encoded)


Name: Ivan Miškelić
Specifications: 19948 triangles
Wip thread: click here
Video: Download 11MB

This is designed to be a part of a small demo third person action adventure game. It's in a strange mysterious world, similar to that of the Myst games mixed with some action.


Textures (reduced by 1/8th):

(the gray parts are just alpha channels of some of the existing textures thus sharing same texture space in reality)

There are also lightmaps but they are allowed to be unlimited in size according to the competition rules, so there is no point in posting them I suppose. They are approximately 2048*4096 in 24bit dds format. OK here is one light map, that of the floor:

Realtime 3D engine screenshots:


And this one:



specs: 10956 Tris
texture: less than 2048 x 4096
WIP thread
genre: I designed it with FPS in mind, but it could work as 3rd.


Submissions are closed. Time to wait for judges :smiley:


GhostScape asked me to judge for this comp, so here we go! Please take these comments as constructive. You all did a good job by finishing this within the given time. Ill try to point out thing to look out for next time you tackle an enviroment.

Very minimalistic approach to textures, I would have like to seen a bit more detail brought into these. You could have used those 4098 textures way more then you did now. As it is, the whole chamber get a bit clinical, smooth look. The design of the chamber itself is also a bit along this lines. Thats cool if you intended this, but it would have been nice if the room had a impressive centerpiece to really set it apart as the Masters Chamber. Right now it looks more like a regular power room.

This looks like a well executed piece of level. Only crits I would have is that like Matski’s piece, it lacks a bit of a centerpiece to set it apart like the masters chamber. The statue thing in the middle is a good start at this though. But it’s hard to make up what it is. The diffuse maps and texuture maps work well together and complement eachother for the mood. Although the geometry is a bit simplistic, the little additions like the fish head make it up for this. I would have liked to see more skewed walls, a few cracks, and crumpled stones modelled in there. The lighting you chose also gave it a bit of a mysterious Shadow of the Colossus like feel. Which works really well. And because its outside, it’s a bit more like the masters garden then his room. (3 points)

Very good to see someone put that texture space to good use. A lot of detail in the textures and this shows in the scene. Also good to see some planning going into the layout before the actual modelling. The plan you made beforehand would have benefitted from including spots for you characters to act out their meeting. That way the layout could have been a little more centered around this, instead of just being a control room. The modelling is a bit uneven, the organizers in the cabinets take up more polies then the cabinets and consoles in the back. The consoles could have used more polies, for chamfered edges to give them a less boxy look. Some normal mapping might have helped here as well. The lighting is ok, but it could use more contrast. The little light on the floor works well. But overall I would like to have seen the shadows more dark. And that big ol’ missisle would definitely be highligted with some spots to act as centerpiece to the whole. (1 point)

Good design, would fit very well in the universe you mentioned. In execution I would have to say the room feels a bit underdeveloped. I miss the little details. Where the spirals connect to the floor, there should be some interaction between the spirals and the floor, like growth, cracked floor, stuff like that. Same goed for things like the rug, which could use more texture details. Also a shame that the bookshelves are enterily flat. If a player would walk up to the books, it would destroy the believability of the scene. The stained glass windows on the walls seem glued on, you could enhance it by adding dirt around it, water stains from drippings that came through, stuff like that adds “life” to the scene.
The stained glass windows are a good addition to the whole, but the lighting doesnt hold up to this. The room should get this strange lit color from all the different colors of light, yet it looks like it is just lit by a white light.

Good texture use, they look very natural. I like to see that you did some layout planning for the whole level, and included a look and feel sketch. You can see those working through in your final model. The modelling is effecient and works well with the textures you did. I would have like to see more dirt and wear on the whole. I looks like its almost a cave like enviroment, but it looks very clean. Bring out the dirtbrushes, and add some dirt, moss and other crap to it to make it more realistic. The textures on the plateau at the end of the stepping stones and the plants looks a bit too repeated for my taste, but that would be the only niggle concerning the texturing. The faces in the scene dont come across, and that seems to be mainly because of the lighting. The tunnel leading up to the rooms looks nice, but the whole room itself seems to lack some drama. More contrast would show it off better, and bring out the faces more. The water is best left out, the way it looks now is unconvinving, and therefor distracts. And I would like to have seen what was at the top of the stairs. Looks like its leading up to something, but I didnt see it in the pics, which made it seem a bit like an ordinairy room a player would pass through. (2 points)

To summarize

  1. RO - 3 points
  2. Somnambulance - 2 points
  3. Ghostscape - 1 point

So there you have it, another ugac finished. Now lets pray for a decent character comp and get in those contestants! Anyone up for a babes with guns contest? :wink:


I had a real difficult time picking these out, but here we go:

Ghostscape (3 points)
This realistically directed scene has a nice believable clutter old industrial silo feeling to it. The strong use of a color and abundance of detail makes it stand out from the rest.

Something is a little off with the sense of depth of scale, but it’s tough to put my finger on. While all the junked up dirtiness is nice, some of the textures are a bit too busy and take away from the focus of the scene. The florescent lights on the ceiling are very out of place with a cartoony, squat scale and being illuminated while not affecting the scene.

RO (2 points)
Up close this scene look great. Lots of detail, exotic design, strong depth in materials, but as a whole there seems to be a lack of direction that is only retained by color.

Details are either large scale or small scale, boxy or curved, a heavy varied pixel depth The trees are distracting balls of limbs, and the bright white (lack of) background makes everything look flat. When all of this is brought together there is no real focus. A friend of mine described it as “A pretty, dumb girl. She looks nice, but there’s nothing behind the looks.”

Somnambulance (1 point)
This scene looks the most like game of the submissions. The renders are nice, the materials are realistic and believable as is the lighting. There is a great use of subtle, effective color with a strong sense of depth.

The only drawbacks are it’s difficult to understand what exactly this place is, and the presentation images are so small and dark. Also, it’s more like a filler area without any main focus point to the room. Nevertheless, this piece possibly could’ve taken 2nd with better presentation.


[b]A last minute Judge was needed, so I have stepped into the breach. Excuse the hastily typed spelling mistakes and gramatical errors! :smiley:

[/b]Good work with the detailing and the use of normal maps. The aztec theme is quite strong and evident throughout your scene. I think you were definately going in the right direction, creating a focal piece for the scene but I think that perhaps the tall pillers detract from the visibility of the fountain/statue. I think if appropraitely scaled (shrinking the fountain/statue) you could get away with having it sit under the pillar arches. I like the tiling textures on the walls, they are interesting and succed in not distracting the eye from the foreground.
The tree is a nice addition but I think that its placement that it makes the scene feel slightly cluttered. Perhaps moving the rear walls further back and spreading things out would have improved on the feel on the scene.
Lack of colour is definately something that could be worked on, but it doesnt stop this work being a great piece. :slight_smile:
(3 Points)

Great work succesfully creating a derilict environment. you have succesfully used lots of iterations of the same object/texture to add a feeling of random clutter to the scene. The textures looks good, I do have to question the use of red and green being the dominant colours! but I dont think it detracts tremendously.
There is great detail throughout the scene, but I think that the walls become too much for the scene. You need sparse area’s aswell as busy area’s to balance each other out. The border texture with the black dots and the obvious tiling on the texture with the wires hanging down could have been simplified/removed to help the scene. For a quick check of a comparrison, check out the walls in counterstrike, generally they are very simple, even though in certain levels they have lots of cluttered objects. This doesnt stop it from being a good piece and shows you have stacks of potential for improvements! :slight_smile:
(2 Points)

The colour scheme and mood of your work is great. The walls are fantastic and the stone work on the arches work excellently together. I think these textures would work as a great basis for a fantasy enviroment in a game.
I like the fact that you have included normal maps, but I feel they arent being shown off to great effect. You have fountains in the environments, which means the atmosphere would be moist. I think that the normal maps dont work effectively as they might because there is a lack of specularity. Having a subtle shine on the rocks would help emphaise the moisture in the scene and I think it would help bring the scene alive.
I think you have great talent, but you need to work on the composition of the scene. I think the tall room you have chosen to create is interesting, but there is no strong focal point. Perhaps a more dominant water feature might help guide the eye through the scene, but currently the scene doesnt feel like a master chamber. Why is this room different from all the other tall cylindrical rooms in the game? This is a question you have to answer in your work. Very solid work, but a stronger design would definately have helped you pick up more points!
(1 Point)

Good wrok to everyone who finished, I wish I had time to comment for everyone but I hope that you can all ascertain some useful info from other comments.


I got asked to fill in last-minute as well-here’s my votes!

RO-- 3points - this definitely is the most atmospheric of the entries. It
really feels like an ‘arena’ and the aztec artsyle is particularly
refreshing. Since texture space is one of, if not the most
important consideration for environment pieces, its nice to see
some clever reptition and tiling tricks being employed. My only
major concern is that the arena play area seems to be based off a
simple flat square, which is kind of boring. In future environments
you might want to consider breaking up the floor into multiple
height levels and to base the play area off of of something a
bit less squarish…

ghostscape - 2 points
There’s an impressive amount of detail in this scene. The modeling all around is solid, and the texturing is pretty high quality throughout…However, the room, for all it’s detail, doesn’t feel like it’s a boss arena…with all the cool locations a silo-base has to offer, there could be more interesting locales… if this is the master control room, it should FEEL like it…with some central focus and room to move around and fight. Other than that though this entry is extremely strong and it came down to personal preference between yours and Ro’s. One thing I do think I should point out is how the textures have that beautiful handpainted look. Not a lot of artists can do that anymore.

somnambulance -1points
The texture work youve done on this is the strongest aspect I think. The tiling works well and theres a nice proquality to them. I agree with Tim in that the normals just dont seem to be as pronounced as they could be. Also, your screenshots dont show off the ‘playspace’ nearly as well as they could, and it’s a bit hard to tell how the room is actually laid out. Overall though, great work! I particularly like the vegatation!

Of all the entries this is the one that is most ‘arena’ like… the modeling work is nice but where it really could use some attention is the textures. They repeat just a litttle too much, feel monochromatic, or not really thought out. But, of all the entries, yours is the one that looks like it would be the most fun/dynmaic to run around in.

This entry is a little all-over-the-place… While there’s a lot of neat little things (the roof window, and the use of baked lighting for starters), overall it’s not as strong as it could be. Not to be critical, but the detail is crammed in one little area and the rest is pretty vacant. While the organic architecture is neat, it doesn’t seem to mix well with the traditional table, chair, light fixtures, etc. Because of the large space covered and the
detail balance issues, there a real uneven texel density too. You’ve repeated textures where the geometry dictated to, but the scene could really benefit from some tiling texturework. Other than that, the environment just needs to be filled with more…stuff. Things to break up the floor-space, things to catch the eye, different levels (not just a flat floor)…all those things go a long way toward making a convincing space. Keep at it!

good work everyone, keep it up!!


Reporting for judging duties.

Somnanbulance - 3 Points

I like the choice of colors, works well together. I’m not sure what the center piece is? if it’s across the “bridge” then i dont see it in the final renders (looks like a statue on the concept?). Nice touch with the ceiling, you could have left it a simple rocky surface but used the space very well, gives some kind of techno look. I’d expect this room to make an appearance in a tomb raider style game, where you have to solve some puzzle or collect a valuable item. Simple but effective, i like it!.

RO - 2 Points
Efficient use of texture space, you definately get the aztec feel from the architecture. On the other hand something isnt quite right with its state of degradation. I would expect erosion to leave some heavy wear and tear on the walls and statues, some cracks, chunks of rocks on the ground and wild weeds between the pavement. Maybe they didnt leave that long so it’s still in good shape. I feel the fence doesnt quite fit the style, looks like its been carved too well if you know what i mean :D. The trees’ textures read as rocky instead of organic. Was a tough decision between this one and Somnanbulance.

Ghostscape - 1 Point

Alright, this works great for the creepy feel, something is about to jump in your face at any point, nice chaotic mess, i dig. On the texture side, it looks fine for most objects (good job on that!), but i dont see metal when i look at the casing of the green “hardware”…it reads as painted cement instead of metal (what id personaly expect it to be). I like the color choices gives an oldschool-dirty-industrial look. As Tim said, you could get rid of some of the extra stuff on the walls it’s good to have some, but it’s a lot of info to process!. Not sure this could be the chamber where the actual show down takes place…feels more like a quick run through before you meet the nemesis.


More details into the textures, adding more variation to panel design and perhaps electronics. Would break the repetitive feel. I have to agree with Supervlieg, generator room is exactly the feel i get when i look at it, i was expecting more of a fancy or comfy layout for someone’s master chamber. I guess a main generator could be considered a master chamber in the “utility” sense. On the plus side, it’s fun to gundown people and see them fall down!.


Concept is easy to understand, except you go WTF is that thing in the middle? but the Myst setting puts it into perspective. The textures could have used a lot more detailing, bookshelf is blurry, i would have modeled some books as separate pieces without costing too much in pcount and mapped them separately. You know the player will have to snoop around those books, imagine his disappointment when he realizes they are painted on! :D. Maybe adding more subtle details, like different candle sizes, drips of wax etc. There’s a lot of empty space going on, some statues and whatnot would have helped to fill the room. I find it odd that the desk is facing a wall instead of the center piece, but eh i know nothing about interior design XD.

Congrats to everyone for their entries, looking forward to upcoming UGAC, who knows, i might join the fun!.



RO Wins the contest with 13 points!

Ghostscape takes second with 9 points!
Somnanbulance takes third with 8 points!

Congratulations to everyone who participated, you all did great! A big thank you to our judges as well for coming in with short notice to help us out because I’m an idiot who doesn’t normally run these things.

RO, by the power bestowed upon me by mob rule and whiskey, I hereby grant you the fabulous prize of getting to choose the next topic. Feel free to think on it a little bit unless you have something already in mind. I’m sure everyone will suggest things if you’re having trouble deciding.

When you’re ready just post your choice here. We need a topic and specs.

Also, more importantly, we need someone who wants to run this thing. I did my best but ultimately I wasn’t looking to take over after DH ran off and everyone sort’ve poo-poo’d the original specifications. I can run it again if no one else wants to but I’d really rather not. It doesn’t take a ton of work but it’s more responsibility than I’d like, to be honest. Anyhow, if you’re interested, post in the thread :smiley:

For now, lets all discuss the great entries and the possibilities for future contests!


Thanks all for the points :slight_smile: I really enjoyed this contest a lot. It was Sweet :slight_smile: Ghostscape your work is really tight.

Lots of good works that did not make it in deadline :expressionless:

I saw a suggestion of a mega men contest put up in this thread

I really liked the idea and we all start with a like theme. Below is written by Cyrenn

here let me cut and paste

Hello everyone on Cgtalks community: ) I was going to post this about 3 weeks ago, but wanted to first get the blessings of the cgtalk moderators before posting any kind of friendly contest onto there busy threads. But I got an e-mail from from one of CGtalk staff members letting me though that this could be a great friendly contest that the cgtalk community might want to get involved in. The contest was started on 3dtotal about 3 weeks ago, but we did want to start it the same time. It is no problem to push the due date back of the models another 3 weeks or maybe more to give any of the cgtalk community that wants to participate the same amount of time that everyone else is getting: ) The contest is gettign pretty popular but with the cgtalk community it could be amazing: )

Here is the original thread with all the rules are below. There will be a link provided below to the original thread so that you can see some of the other contestants that have there works in progress. Also we are hoping at the end maybe to give some sort of graphic award at the end if everyone is up for that: ) but thats to be decided as a group: )

If things are ok with you guys and you feel this would be a fun contest, I would like to start a thread on cgtalks Game development thread so that we can start seeing your concepts and works in progress of your Mega Man or Woman Villain Bots: ) Hope to see you guys makes this a bigger and exciting contest: ) Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


(Origianl Thread)
Hello 3DTotal Community. Me and Nappa decided to start a friendly competition in hopes that we end up getting a lot of participants. I think this could be a great thread and a lot of fun and if all goes planned we should have a bunch of cool looking new Villains that will be on the look out for our old friend Mega Man.

Here’s a Link to the Offical Mega Man site.

Well if you decided to join this little competition, I’m sure in the process we can learn a lot from each other, by sharing tips on ways to model and texture, let alone rig a character.

Please post all works in progress on this thread: )

Well here are the rulz.

  1. You have to model a Mega Man Style Villain.
    It has to be a new Bot, no rip offs of any of the original villains.

  2. Your Bot has to have his own original name with MAN at the end.
    For example: Snot Man, Cool Man, Suck man etc.

If you decided to make a female style Villain Bot, just add women and the end - Example: Hot woman, Nylon Woman, Thong Woman Etc. LOL

  1. Your Bot can only have one power, and explain his power.
    Example – Fire Man shoots fire, Ice Man shoots Ice.

  2. Before you start to model you must post your concept art. Colored is optional,
    Name of the Bot is required.

  3. All Models have to be within 5,000 tri’s or 2500 Polys: )

  4. 1 – 1024 X 1024 or smaller texture map.

  5. Final render of your new Mega Man Villain , needs to be Modeled,
    Textured & rigged in attack pose, any additional stuff like effects
    And animation is optional. Any software package can be used.

  6. All bots must be completed by October 31, 2005
    Pacific Standard Time: )

  7. List of villains you can’t use.
    1.Air Man
    Aqua Man
    Astro Man

2.Blizzard Man
Bomb Man
Bright Man
Bubble Man
Burner Man
Burst Man

3.Centaur Man
Charge Man
Cloud Man
Cold Man
Crash Man
Crystal Man
Cut Man

4.Dive Man
Drill Man
Dust Man
Dynamo Man

5.Electric Man

6.Fire Man
Flame Man
Flash Man
Freeze Man
Frost Man

7.Gemini Man
Guts Man
Gravity Man
Grenade Man
Ground Man
Gyro Man

8.Hard Man
Heat Man

9.Ice Man

10.Junk Man

11.Knight Man

12.Magic Man
Magnet Man
Metal Man

13.Napalm Man
Needle Man

14.Pharaoh Man
Pirate Man
Plant Man

15.Quick Man

16.Ring Man

17.Search Man
Shade Man
Shadow Man
Slash Man
Skull Man
Snake Man
Spark Man
Spring Man
Star Man
Stone Man
Sword Man

18.Tengu Man
Toad Man
Tomahawk Man
Top Man
Turbo Man

19.Wave Man
Wind Man
Wood Man

20.Yamato Man
These are the Villains from Mega Man to Mega Man 8, so if you know of more feel free to list them down.

Well I think that’s it for now.
Winner basically gets to be known as the Coolest Mega Man Villain Bot Builder LOL! Well actually hopefully this thread will take off and maybe we can come up with some sort of an award for the top 3 bots: )

If you have any other suggestions that can help this thread, feel free to post it.

Good Luck and lets all have fun.

(Orginal Thread on 3d Total with all other currents WIPs)

Of course the whole site against site is not going to work that well it is hard to get it organized.

I think the idea in general is really good except I think it would be wise to make it nextgen.

2 1024x1024 color with an alpha map for spec, opacity, or glow.

2 1024x1024 for normals with an alpha also for hight, spec, opacity, or glow

tir 8,000-10,000

I am not a character modeler so if you think these specs are way over the top or too low please post. But I also think we should have some breathing room right from the get go we have specs that people can agree on. It has been hard for people to agree on specs sometimes hence the trouble with this one and the other envio one.

I go to these forums daily pretty much… mostly lurking but I could run the contests for a bit I think. But I really have no idea who to contact for things to get to the frontpage and stuff like that. If I get some good instructions how to do these things Ill be honored to do it.

Either way give ideas from the next contest :smiley:


thats a brilliant comp idea!!

looking through that list…holy cow…there was a “Pirate Man”? Which megaman was THAT in? And what the heck was the power he gave you…?


Sounds great, I think a character will get more people interested than another environment :smiley:

The next gen specs sound really good, too.


A bit high on the polycount, especially since normal maps are allowed. But sounds like fun nevertheless


Yeah but it’s a boss character the size of the player character.


My question is does it HAVE to be the original Megaman universe or can we go for an X verse villian. They tend to be more angular and… well, cooler. But of course the problem comes in that they have to be animal themed.


Incidently, after browsing, I came across this resource.

It has small pics of all the megaman villians listed.