UGAC - Master Chamber - Rogelio Olguin


[li]Name : Rogelio Olguin[/li][li][color=yellow]Specs : 19,998 faces[/color][/li][li][color=yellow]WIP Thread : [/color]Click Here[/li][li][color=yellow]Movie : (Right click Save as) Click Here[/color][/li][li]Description : This is a court yard of a lost civilization found in a dried out planet, that resembles Aztec architecture. [font=Arial][color=#fffffe] [/color][/font][/li][/ul]TEXTURES
[li]HighRes Texture : Click Here[/li][/ul]




Reserving this spot for this contest. Ill see if I get time. Atm I have two projects under way, so I hope I can get one of them finished soon to do some stuff here.

If intrested in what I am doing here is a link to zbrush central and this level I am trying to get done atm.

and level design


Rogelio, glad to see you are planing on joining in. Your train in the Juggernaut challenge was awesome! I hope ot see some more great work out of you in this challenge.


Thanks somnambulance :slight_smile: I hope to get this goning now since I am getting done with some of my last projects.

First real post for this contest. Some pillars for a large room. This is only using a normal map atm and the poly count is way down. I plan to have only four of these pillars in the middle of the room with some vines growing on them with a nice fountain in the middle with some kind of statue. I ll do a concept for some stuff for this room. But the style will be mic of roman and gothic with also art deco inspired. The ceiling will be open to a nice sky. I want to get a very lush feel with this court yard I guess you could say. Something that you might see in a rpg alike to oblivion with more styliziation to it.

My plan atm is make every main mesh needed for this project with normal map. So for the later pages all you will see is grayed out normal mapped low poly objects. Ill leave the textures towards the end. My plan is to add nice design styles and colors all over the construction. I will also attempt to do all my textures by hand since I tend to use photosource a lot on some other projects. This mostly depends on my personal speed of course if I see things are not working out ill take some short cuts on the textures lol. Ill try to keep you guys posted from now on what i am doing and ill also post the highpoly shots on some of the models.


hey dude,
So far looking good, very nice looking normal map, whats the normal map resolution?



I think 1024x1024. If I need to lower them ill scale them in photoshop. Ill stat with big ones for right now and figure out the res later on so it fits the texture res for this contest. I tend to make my maps always bigger than normal than optimize when making game content.


Ok this time way more detail on the noraml. The little details were done in photoshop and put into the normal map.

Polys with the four pillars it is 2128 So still have a lot :slight_smile:

Wanted to show the top arch finished. This is just normal mapping and lowpoly objects no texture yet.


Sup all again more details for today. Some fish statues and a little leaf decor trim for the pillars

High poly of the fish model

You know the normal map looks better than this lol.


Those fish are great! There is so much detail there, but the 90º angles still have a really hard edge. May use too many tris, but I think it would help a lot if you could afford a bevel on those hard edges.


really liking the intriquite detail in this, keeping my eye on this un, i think its gonna look awesome


Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah I still do not like the 90%s. Ill leave them like this and when I see I have enough poly counts to go ill add some bevals to them. I have lots to do on this scene. I also want vines crawling up all over the pillars so this might hide alot of the 90%s and stuff. All depends how it will end up.


insane detail…nice. Are you gonna do any damage to it?


Cool fish, but I don’t care for how the columns are thinner at the bottom. It weakens the structure.


cool detail on the columns. can’t wait to see the rest of this.


My daily night update. This wall section took all day to make.


System404: Thanks I really like the pillars also. I was scared the normal would not be able to get a twisted pillar when I was making it but it did. I was very suprised.

GradiusCancer: Thanks. Not sure ill change that ill see if the normal mapping can take it and if it can ill reduce the tapering of it but I still like the general shape even if it is not 100% real.

Wayne Adams: I really do want to have a spot that is damaged and really broken up. I think ill do some broken stuff near the floor. since these are huge structures I want to keep this pretty ok with the exception of the wear and tear it has.

Edit: I just realized I have reached passed 20,000 tri… Damn it to hell lol.

I really do not want to lower the polys so what ill do is do two version one for this comp and one for my self. Since I plan to put these to work for real once UT2K7 come out. Ill change my plan a bit now. The ousdie walls consist of 9,000 tris so I will not use those. Ill make some other walls that are lower in poly for this. Ill also delete the leaf thingies. since those take a bit and are useless for the real scheme. Ill add the statue fountain with the polys I get from that and the wall around with some nice trees and a sky box of some sort with some flooring. I was going poly happy with this comp. Forgot it was only 20,000 polys :expressionless:


Glad to hear it’l have a little damage to it. That sucks about passing up the tri count limit, but I’m sure that won’t stop a guy like you. Cheap up the low poly, and keep at it, dude. :wink:


another wall section for the outer rim of the level. Now to get to some more intresting stuff. The big peices are set now. Just have to go into the details now.

and just a basic layout shot so you get the idea. anything outside the walls is going to be trees and background.


Looks very nice. You have some good detailed normal maps.

I can’t figure out the scale in the scene. Could you do just a stickfigure drawing beside some of it?


Zany mix of styles you’ve got going on here. I reckon colors could really bring it all together. I like the cracks and wear you’ve got on this wall.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Ill add a red box that represents the play height and width on the next shots from now on. For a basic idea the player is as high as the lower part of the pillar peice.