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Title - Baroque
Genre - First Person Shooter

Description - The final resting grounds of the Emperor of Oblivion, Final boss arena
of an episodic style FPS, The story of an evil emperor and his army of followers.
The Emperors followers plundered the lands and brought all they have found to their

The location is inside the Emperors palace in “The Golden Room”, A room with all the loot
his followers had gathered for him, A renaissance and baroque style architecture room
like the palace of st Petersburg.

Concept and reference pics soon…



Started modeling:

Pillar - High poly 80% done:
Time took so far - 2.5 hours

Gonna work on the normal map later on…

Do you guys create all the high poly geometry and then normal map it all or create model
and then normal map and move to the next one?

I will personaly model first then normal map and then move on to the next one because
after modeling it all it will seem very daunting to normal map and create uv’s for it all.



I agree with doing one object at a time that way your scene doesn’t get bog down with that many polys. Usually I will model everything low and then save out the object by itself and in that new file i’ll create the high poly, or I’ll start an object high then make the low off that and bring in that low mesh into my main scene. That pillar looks really nice can’t wait to see what the rest of it looks like.


Hey man. I first noticed your hipoly work in the last competition and I love it. Is that pillar all one mesh? I have no idea how you get that type of detail on the part close to the top between the balls and long verticle lines but it looks great.


Hey dudez,
Sorry for the long reply been working…(not much 3D sadly…), This weekend i’ll try to make up the lost time and dish out some new models for the palace.

Juddwack - Everything in the pillar was done with polymodeling starting with a plane
or a cylinder, most of the pillar is a single piece except the top part and the “ball looking objects”.

System404 - I usualy create highpoly first then i’ll model a low poly on top of that maybe
even duplicating sections or polys from the high rez mesh and after thats done
I will create uv’s for the low poly and then normal map with Melody, Polybump or
Render To Texture.




Quick previz of the upperfloor:

I am gonna work now on normal mapping and texturing the pillar, I am aiming at 600 - 800 polys for the low poly pillar.



well, i’m oldschool and all that, but it seems like 600-800 is really high for a low-poly column. since you’re doing all the detail in the normal maps, i think you could easily do the low res with a quarter of that geometry.


It maybe a little high but I have 20k tris at my disposal and as far as I figured it should
be fine…Its gonna be similar to the polycounts used in TES4 Oblivion.



Hey dudez,
I am working now on the second pillar for the palace its not yet completly finished.



Wauw… Very nice modelling. Will look forward to see you transform it into low-poly:thumbsup:


Shadow Spoon - Thanks for the reply, I am now working on the statues that will
be placed in the palace and then I will probably work on normal mapping these 2 pillars
once theyre fully completed.
The palace will be imported into Cryengine for a realtime run and test.



hey dudez,
Heres a close up render of the Corinthian pillar capital section:



very nice so far looking forward to this progressing!


Hey dudez,
I have started normal mapping and uving, I will be using Cryengine and Prey’s modified
Doom 3 Engine.
The texture is just for testing its not final:



Hey dudez,
Been a while since my last post… I am joinning the army this sunday and I want to try
and finish at least the high poly untill then so I made a schedule and I’ll try to stick to it.

Heres what I modeled today:

After I’ll join the army I will be able to post 2 weeks after the day I join:D…

Heres the pillar middle section in a game engine with a quick map I made (who can guess which game:)):

I will work on the normal map for the balcony tomorrow…

Good luck to all you guys you all have great entries:thumbsup:



Oblivion of course :slight_smile: My fav game Great engine also. Editor looks simple to learn also. Last peice looks great. You have some awesome modeling skills. Hope the normal map can get all that little detail.


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