UE4 -"Infiltration" tech demo


It looks astonishing!



Did they say when udk 4 is coming out?


Looks nice. Wondering what that demo would have looked like with day-light settings though.


Not yet, but I dearly hope it’s not too far off. It’s such a pain to know that this awesome piece of tech is ready for use, but simply not made available.


It looks very good. Better than everything I saw until now made with Unreal engine. And it seems to have everything. I’m not sure from the video if it has the type of raytrace-like dof and mblur from my cryengine tools, but it looks very cinematic and rendered-like.


If I remember correctly, unlike previous tech (where there is always current build each month) this one is NOT easily available to smaller studios and indies.

I think maybe the bigger studios wanted more exclusiveness, just like ID Software own engine. Where they (ID) released it for free after a few generation out.

I can’t remember if what I remember is right, but I think at that time they do have a point. Remember the old days of bragging the awesomeness of your engine (instead of the gameplay) is hard to do when indies and internet team are releasing games using the same engine for cheap or free.

Can’t find old article, but here it is:


“Should we have done that from day one with UE3? Yeah, maybe,” he added.
“I’m not sure if we’re going to do it straight away with Unreal Engine 4"

For what it worth… too early to say.


in googling the articles, I found out that it already available for licensing by studios. there was in “indie” studio, but it mention flagship product or something, so i guess its a high powered indie.




It has been given to smaller companies already, like Phosphor Games Studios with their “Project Awakened” or Zombie Studios “Daylight”. One can only hope.


Epic may have licensed itself too thinly for proper support with UE3 which caught the ire of some developers claiming preferential treatment/support for big studios - one resulting in a lawsuit.

I think the stakes are bigger this generation and Epic may want to back key titles across a range of devices. Quality over Quantity given the inroads more affordable game engines have made in recent years.


Omg, that was incredible. :applause:
Much better than their first UE4 demo (which i found quite dissapointing). :blush:


Wow, chromatic aberration curse now hits games.
For some reason, those new game engines look better in night scenes (isn’t it strange? As dark scene light interaction seems harder to mimic).
Definitely looks impressive technologically. What will they bring to the table next generation? Poor developers…


Quite, quite good, better realtime cinematic that I see so far.


While it’s an impressive demo, it still has the same shortcomings of other tech demos: It’s highly optimized to a specific environment and hides a lot behind the night/dark interior lighting. More importantly, the amount of work that goes into a demo like this is far greater than most studios could afford to spend on making a whole game look like this. If people realized this, they could appreciate it for the tech demo it is instead of making stupid comments (seen elsewhere) like “CG is dead!” or “Battlefield 9 is gonna ROCK!!!”

TL,DR - It’s like going to the boat show and checking out a hundred foot luxury yacht, then realizing you will have to settle for an 16’ outboard, maybe with a windscreen if you’re lucky.


Looks very nice.
I just don`t know was it smart to press that button? haha


I dont know… Its a verry relative subject. Artists already have to model high poly, model low poly and then bake the maps.
Having a game engine that allows more detail doesnt change that workflow in a way that it makes it more time consuming, for example.

Also, in the early days much more work had to put into lighting, for example, since you were verry limited in that area (maximum amount of lights, primitive shadows, etc…).

The previous gen of games did indeed add allot of work, but i think the upcomming gen is more a step towards an easier way to create content compared to the previous generation.

Having to work with less limited tech allows for a less baking/faking approach and a more brute force/straight forward workflow.

Also, ppl saying CG is dead… how ignorant can you be. Ingame graphics are also CG.


Games still don’t look as good as some tech demos from years ago.

Seriously, while these are neat to watch, they don’t do anything for me…


I agree with most of this, except the part about time needed for content creation. Like so many things, it’s not like devs will choose to do less, but will expect more assets/levels/etc. in the same amount of time. This has been a constant across every “time saving” tool, proc, or device since computers were invented.

But there are still 2 big mysteries here: How much of what we see here is “out of the box” and how much is massive amounts of lighting tricks, faked fx, LODs and other techniques used to optimize memory, and what sort of ridiculously over-powered or overclocked system is it running on?

I’m not saying this doesn’t look fantastic - it does. But there’s a lot more to it than that.


Despite how much better things look, there are some things that actually speed up development a lot over the previous version of the engine—like lighting, it’s all real-time which means you don’t have to wait hours for lighting to build and you can see your results instantly. The changes to the programming side should also speed up development.

There wouldn’t really be much more work to make the models higher quality, the difference I think is in how many things you want to put in there. Also, many games spend more time on the main characters which might mean 10 or less high-quality characters and then 20 low detail characters that might not have even had a Zbrush sculpt or anything like that.

I think for the most part, things will even out as far as advancements making things faster to develop and higher game requirements making things take more work. For the most part, if you take a game developed today, you could do a much better result without doing much work. I’m sure the guys doing Bioshock Infinte would have greatly appreciated the new lighting system since that game had large level components that needed to be dynamic.


This demo runs on a single GTX680, a soon to be middle performance card!? That’s great. The original ‘Samaritan’ UE3 tech demo ran on 3 GTX580s, way beyond your consumer range at the time.

That means every new PC game should be targeted to play levels with the same visual quality as appropriate hardware is not the limitation anymore. It seems to me the software needs to catch up with the hardware and be more quicker and easier to produce loads of high quality assets.

Though I’m not sure what parts of the asset pipeline production bottleneck needs to improve?



Nice, but one single button can cause all that chaos?
thanks god Homer Simpson doesn’t work there :smiley:
Not to mention that every single soldier and combat machines
always, always are terrible when aiming at the enemy! :slight_smile:


Looks very similar in detail to the city in Killzone on PS4 which was shown recently, though slightly more “Epic” :slight_smile: design-wise with the waterfall set piece. Damn impressive.