Ubisoft CEO: Cloud Gaming Will Replace Consoles After the Next Generation


As I warned in previous posts, industry really is going ahead with a “Everything will run in the cloud from now on. You own nothing!” SAAS model.

Basically, 3 to 5 years from now, they will force everybody to use just about everything that is software in the cloud.

This latest prediction on gaming comes from the CEO of Ubisoft - a French company that doesn’t know how to make good games (look at the sorry mess that is FarCry 5), but knows how to charge full market price for them.


Soooo… how long before Max, Maya, C4D, LW, Modo, Houdini and others become “Cloud Only Software”? Or Avid, Apple, Adobe, The Foundry, BlackMagic and others?

3 years? 5 years? 6 years?


Makes a lot of sense in the context of my country. The game devs get paid, GUARANTEED (no fucking torrents etc.), and the buyer doesn’t have to be a billionaire to play good-looking games, they just pay-as-they-play. I’m liking this on every level :slight_smile: (Of course, there is the small matter of the internet bill… :frowning: )

This concept, btw, is not new - I’d heard of a company called Gaikai waaaay back when, doing this.


Well… streaming low compression 4K in 60+ FPS with ultra low round trip latency will be a HUGE challenge. A complete virtualization of consoles (and PCs for that matter) will take along time before it happens. So just relax Skeebertus, you will not be forced to pay for a subscription. Not yet…


I kind of have a feeling that it’s not video being sent down the wire!! Just a hunch.

Incredible stuff, if that’s true.


As I have pointed out before: Use any internet search engine for your questions and thoughts before you post, it is amazing what you can learn from the internet…


Bro, it’s much more fun to discuss with a human being than to interact with a machine…? Makes the learning process a lot better…?



Being cloud based would not at all be a deterrent to hackers. If someone wants it on a torrent, it will end up there. Just ask Adobe … lol

Cloud based software has nothing to do with preventing hacking and cracked copies, and everything to do with big business wanting more control over the paying customers. Most companies (Adobe included) have since dropped the “this is about loss prevention” BS and outright admitted that it
basically works better for their shareholders this way, but there are still a few holdouts trying to pass this off as a move to counter illegal software copies, but that’s really not what this is actually about.

Basically, 3 to 5 years from now, they will force everybody to use just about everything that is software in the cloud.[/quote]
I’m kind of surprised we aren’t there already. I remember the outcry when MS announced that all the Xbox1 would have no physical disks. I figured they would push that through despite how upset people were. As much as I dislike this move to cloud computing, it certainly looks like something we will all have to accept in the coming years. I am curious though, for software makers like AutoDesk, to see how they will get around the security issues this will cause for many places.

For example, a few years ago, I was doing some visualization work for a nuclear power company. I was doing this work at the same time Adobe made the move to CC. The IT group told the employees that CC wasn’t going to happen and that they needed to stick with CS6. The employees had IT call Adobe about the “special” option for companies who need “offline” versions. Adobe felt there wasn’t a proper case and denied it. So they are stuck with CS6 and having major issues right now with compatibility. I’ve worked at many places with similar restrictions over the years (even a lot of game companies have similar security measures), so I can see this becoming an issue. Keep in mind that with AdobeCC - only the actual license is stored in the cloud and this was still a no-go for that department. I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if they were told EVERYTHING is stored on the cloud …

Side note - I love Far Cry 5! It’s the only Far Cry I like! But everyone hates it. I loved Ghost Recon WIldlands - it’s my favorite Ghost Recon, but everyone hates it - Why does everyone hate the things I love!? Why!? Why Damnit!? :scream::deal:


It helps if you research what you are talking about however instead of glibing random technical thoughts.
Because guess what the rest of us are doing?!..whats he talking about?!..google…Ah i guess he means this thing…maybe…

Its not that helpful a ‘discussion’ truth be told…Usually ends up. “no you are wrong” check this link. So what have you learned?
The most indirect way of using google.
Second hand.


I agree
perhaps we might all live to see the time when
a broadband constant internet connection becomes
a mandatory feature in all buildings zoned for human occupancy,
just as water, electricity and sewer is today in most modern nations.
I think it will happen as more goverments realize the labor cost savings that would come from delivering alot of the mundane services via the internet

Indeed securing proprietary/personal content in a cloud based
world will likely be the greatest challenge for this new paradigm
even more so than the proliferation of connectivity.

BTW, is it really that bloody easy to get a student license for the Autodesk products??
I am not personally planning to move to Autodesk
But I recently read a post, in the DAZ forums, where some bloke claimed he told AutoDesk he was “self educating” with Youtube tutorials
and they gave him Student licenses to Maya & Motion Builder.


Don’t see anyone mentioning this yet, but with some of the new 5G standards you could potentially stream the 4k video feed with almost no latency (1ms). No broadband needed, meaning the software is run in the cloud on Ubisoft hardware, nothing to install you simply log in.

And if it’s not 5g, maybe its 6G after that.


This came out in the paper over a year ago:

10 times faster speed than 5G


It’s kind of bizarre to hear this from any software developer to be honest. I mean AutoDesk has slashed their pricing, unbundled software and made some software free. Adobe made some similar moves and these are indicative of sluggish sales. Xbox One basically died on the “Always on” hill and they haven’t recovered in 5 years. Playstation Now, which is a streaming game platform already available is dead. People by the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands are bemoaning Resident Evil 7 only streamed to the Switch.

Blender adoption is at all time high, there are Adobe alternatives that have been popping up for the last couple of years Affinity Photo, Krita, Paintstorm Studio etc. are becoming mature robust applications.

The game industry is actually fraught with more peril relative to throngs and throngs of smaller studios maturing to compete directly with larger studios particularly with first person shooter games. Ultimately, even though a lot of people may opt for digital purchases out of convenience, but half or slightly more than half of gamers will never tolerate the elimination of ownership altogether and frankly with the number of devs out there they most likely will never have to.


Imhotep, I’m not getting your point - if Autodesk makes their software free, and Blender adoption goes up, then what is the implication that you’re suggesting?


The problem is, those aren’t really “Adobe” alternatives. They’re Photoshop alternatives. Which gets you off the CC subscription if you ONLY use Photoshop. Most of us need multiple programs within the Adobe product line, and many do not have suitable alternatives. Honestly, at my work we hardly ever use Photoshop anymore. We still need several other programs though, so we’re stuck (for now) with the CC sub.


That forcing to ‘Cloud’ absolutly might be a mistake because people will find alternatives before bowing down to the almighty cloud.


I agree that people seem to think photoshop is the only program made by Adobe
even if one assumes there are suitable photoshop replacements
( debatable IMHO),

What about indesign for complex page layout
and design in the print industry?

And I dont see anything close to an Illustrator replacment for vector art.

Now yes we have have Nuke from the foundry
and I even have an old seat of Shake 4 on my old mac machine but for indie one man operations like min
,After effects CS3 is all I need for comping colour, grading and most VFX.


Dude: The Linux folks have Scribus and Inkscape, for the 2 you mentioned - no idea how they compare though. You should check out the Ubuntu Studio distro.


Eh? Autodesk themselves are moving to the cloud - I posted here about a web version of AutoCAD only a few weeks ago…?

My poor brain is getting confused… :cry:


Thats true. My point is that they may come to regret it. Yes big bad Autodesk may shoot themselves in the foot if that is to only solution they give users.

For big studios it maybe the same difference as they depend on valid maintenance contracts anyway.
But maybe smaller ones and single users will switch to other solutions and keep the competition alive and growing.


If you have no idea how they compare then why even mention them
Before Migrating into 3D/CG I was a professional Graphic Designer for print ,in the Washington DC metro area for 19 years
I left that industry in 2007.
The industry standard for people seeking employment
in every shop I worked was Fluency in the Adobe CS suite
( Photoshop Indesign,Illustrator) for linear color managed work flows

My son ,who is in law enforcement, has a house mate, from high school,
who attended an accelerated two year program at Full sail University in 3D/CG from 2013 -2015
one of the areas where they focused heavily was the non 3D support
side of the industry and that involved becoming fluent in
the Adobe CS suite ( Photoshop Indesign,Illustrator).