Uber Speed Demo


edit updated the demo on 29th Feb

Hi i posted a few weeks back(not even that long?) on the siphon engine demo, now we have a playable version u can drive around by yourself…
its still a WIP we plan to add more eventually but just want to see what u guys think so far… also while your there i want some feedback on the website i made for the siphon engine…

www.siphon.2ya.com down the side bar is a screenshot and a link to the new .zip file(its about 4mb)

new features include
-3d sound
-ode physics

  • drivable car(using the physics)





Heehee! That was fun!
First thing that needs to be worked on is the physics. a little less like a pig on molassys would be good, although it wasn’t really that bad. Um, I flipped my car? Does your insurance cover that? Yeah, when I went over the bridge, my car flipped, spilling all my hot McDonalds coffee all over myself, and the inside of my car. My leather interior!!

Needless to say, I was stuck upside down, and for some reason, my wheels were the only thing keeping me from sinkin in to the abyss. I could almost still drive around, but something was a bit weird. So yeah, physics, and colision calculations maybe, like should the guard rails maybe keep me from falling off the bridge?

I think its a great start, and I wish I had the skill to program something like this.

Hey! Are you looking for any other car models? If I model one and you like it, would you consider using it? A texture then? Sorry, I’m just getting into the game art scene, and the thought that I might be able to contribute to something makes me. . . I dunno, crazy with glee. You probably want to keep this between you and your brother though.

If you have any specific questions about a certain part of the game, I can like, be beta tester maybe.


Oh yeah, I looked at the site too, and I must say that I like it. It’s concise, professional, very clean. Not much there, but that’s what you have for content right now. It works great in IE6 win2000.


yeah theres a reset button “r” will flip the car the right way around…
yeah we are gonna keep it between me and my brother atm, as were workign on it to get a job so its better between us. If we get a job tho you never know :wink:

Well beta… its kinda open beta, ill post every new demo here ander the game art section for everyone to try out…

Thanks for the feedback on the game and the site :slight_smile:


Ahhh! a reset button! Anyway, I figured you’d want to keep this to yourself and your brother, but it gave me a scenario to model for, and so It inspired me to model this T-Bucket as low poly as possible.

This would be my first completed low poly car! Weehaaww!

Could still use some optimizing if a lower poly count was required, but most of the polys are eaten up in the engine and wheels.

By the way, what’s the poly count on that little car in the game?


yeah cool car, yeah thats about the poly count on the car in the game, and 1 512 textxture as i really do like the very low poly look, but with higher res textures… :slight_smile:

will have a new demo soon :slight_smile:


ok guys have updated the demo, its now only 4mb ziped instead of 11 thanks to DDS files :smiley:

also updated the pic if u havent seen, and added collision meshes for objects :slight_smile:

waiting for light maps to be put in to break up the grass abit…


Ok, the first thing that I would work on would be the camera. I’d add some dampening to it. Right now when I go around a turn, It shakes pretty bad, and that is a bit irritating. Also, I’m not too sure about the reverse cam. It’s actually a bit harder to drive that way, seeing as the steering controls are reversed.

Secondly, It seems the physics of the car have been improved,(if I’m wrong I’m not sure why it seems that way), and I can pretty much go around the whole track without running into problems. If, however, I catch a little air on say, the bridge, and the front of the car touches the ground first, it can send the car into a weird turn. You can also pretty much feel every polygon in the road on the turn. Not sure if that can be remedied.


yeah have to polish that stuff up tho the coder(my bro) is a bit distracted working on network play atm…

coders never work to some kinda order, theyre all over the place :expressionless:


That was pretty damn fun. Just make the camera move smoother, so its not so jerky all the time and it’s perfect. Maybe add a bumper view, too.


yeah i want to whip my coder into adding other views such as cockpitview :slight_smile:


doesnt work for me. I unzipped it, clicked the exe, a little DOS box pops up for a split second then closes. Nothing happens after that.

I did manage to get a screen capture after about 10 tries, figured it would be usefull.

incase you need the specs on my PC:

AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Asus A7V333 MOBO
MSI GeForce 4 Ti4200 w/128MB

Let me know if you need anymore info.


hrmm thats an odd one, have u updated your video drivers ?(what version are u currently on)

are u using any win2k service packs?


Originally posted by Gibbz
[B]hrmm thats an odd one, have u updated your video drivers ?(what version are u currently on)

are u using any win2k service packs? [/B]

current video driver is 53.03
service pack 4


okay what is the filesize of the zip file you downloaded, maybe it was corrupt, it should be a bit bellow 4mb




double post


ok its 3,774,438 bytes (3.59mb) so i guess thats not the problem… we are workin on an update with new camera movment/views so if it has the same problem then ill have to look into it more…

il try and get a log file put in too so u dont need a screen capture :slight_smile:


ok new demo is up 3.6mb try that one out(its in the same spot so just check my first thread)

  • fixed exit to the bridge so u dont lose control
  • independand physics, so theyre not dependant on the frame rate(so u dont need vsync enabled anymore)
  • new camera views
  • smoother camera


new box, this time it doesnt go away.

[EDIT] After looking at this, I realized that it is looking for files in specific folders. (system.ini and font.tga) So I created thoes folders and placed the files in where they are looking. Then it loaded but I only got a white screen.[/EDIT]