U-Ri Portrait, U-Ri So (3D)


Title: U-Ri Portrait
Name: U-Ri So
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Here’s my lastest work. This image’s model is one of the 3d artist of Korea. I did it using zbrush and 3dsmax, rendered with mentalray. Hope you like it.


I like the modelling (great work on the cloth, the face and pose) but I don’t like the hair very much.


Beautiful! Not clear for me who’s portrayed on your render. Is the picture showing a Korean 3d artist, or is the mentioned Korean artist responsible for modeling? And does “U-Ri Portrait” mean “U-Ri portrayed” or rather “portrayed by U-Ri”. So many questions, but i assume that it’s a good looking Korean 3d artist portrayed by U-Ri…

Most i like the composition - the pose, the colours, but also the neutral background. Top work - a truly outstanding 3d portrait!


beautiful looks fantastic


Awesome work!
Pose, lighting and textures are remarkable.
Just a little detail might be corrected: The rim of the lower lip is a tip too high. But thats all.

I like this work very much. Can imagine how much effort you ve been investing. Did you do the hair with splines in Hair&Fur ?

Five stars and front page!



Yep, gallery.
Hair are still a difficult enterprise, especially near the neck in profile poses.


the character is really cool! very nice! perfect!


Really beatiful! Congrats!:wink:


Outstanding work! ^^


Very beautiful character but I think the hair is not on the same level of quality. Amazing work all the same :bowdown:


Yep just can repeat the opinions given before! Great character, very natural. Great clothes and details, but hair could be a bit more worked out. I know that is said easily, since good hair is really difficult to achieve. But you are keeping the the level in this picture very high!

Anyway :thumbsup:


Great work :thumbsup:


Amazing portrait, is all perfect, maybe excepting some parts of the hair. Is a 5 stars piece.


your work is great and especially the pose and the clothes :slight_smile:


Just one word!! Amazing!!Keep working!!


beautifull Portrait!
best regards


Hi all! Thank’s again for your support and your kind comments!


All around, an exquisite work!


Fantastic work,

I just think you need work a little more on hair that seems fake…


great work ,I like the cloth and face ,but her hair is not good!!!.. I want to know how many passes do you make??