Tyson Ibele - Animation Session 11 - Action Cut


Wow…I didn’t know these sessions were still happening. I guess I’ve been out of the loop :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways…I’m in.


Alright…well I’m thinking a scene with a guy fishing (obviously not catching anything) and then suddenly a bite tugs on his line.

Nothing too complicated or fantastic…look for some updates soon! :slight_smile:


Hey all,

Here’s what I’ve got so far. Basically, the main character is just settling down in his little boat for a nice peaceful afternoon (just before a fish bites).

About 2-3 hours of animating. for this part.

Fishing1 (377k)


Whoops! He needs a fisherman’s hat! How did I forget that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice start ,

His head is shaking a little bit too much , and if you plut his nose you’ll see that his arcs have problems especially towards the end.

Do you have a ending planned?


k…now he’s got the hat.

Fishing2 (378k)

Hey Sheep…what do you mean by “plut” his nose? And by arcs do you mean animation arcs?


Fixed his overly shaky head.

Fishing3 (378k)


Here’s what I’ve got now.

Although I’ve animated the scene all the way through, the cut will happen during his head-shake/double-take when he goes from “what the?..” to “woah!” The next update will show what he’s looking at…and it’s not what you think :wink:

Fishing4 (630k)

Tell me what you think!


HI :slight_smile:
It realy looks great ate the moment im looking forward to see some more…byt remember that you have only 100 frames to tell the story thats the trick :slight_smile:

Take care





That 100 frame limit can seem to be a bit stifling but it makes me think harder about what goes into the shot (staging & action). Maybe you could make the guy shifting about less (e.g. he’s already settled) before the tug and surprise?
I like the movements on the boat and everything on it when the line’s being yanked. Looks good!
BTW - your avatar makes me hungry (looks kinda like a juicy shrimp)


Here’s the latest!

I added the cut finally. It’s still 150 frames so I’ma cut out some of the beginning later…but for now this is the “extended” version :slight_smile:

fishing5 (777k)

Let me know what you think!


Wow, looks very polished. You probably only have tweaking to do for the last couple days.

The ending comes and goes so quick, I barely had time to register it. While trimming off the beginning, you might want to add to the ending. Rules say the cut has to be frame 60 or earlier anyway.



Good point…I did notice that the ending was a little quick…


really nice!
his double take seemed a little fast to me… but that’s about it!

and I checked out your web page, too. I’m totally impressed!


Excellent stuff Ivan!

Love your entry! Good luck!



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