Tyrrell P34 "6wheeler"


Hello, heres my attempt to create an oldie F1, raced in 76/77 and its the only F1 with 6 wheels ever entering a race. C&C welcome.



That looks awesome!



I take it you have a model of this car? and that is where you got all the detail from. It really is most impressive!


Lordy…awesome job, Guybrush. The amount of detail makes me dizzy. I look forward to seeing more!


excellent! can’t wait to see the rest :slight_smile:


conanart: u are right, i have a plastic kit from tamiya from where i take all my refs, i also use some fotos, but its hard to get fotos from this car

bluestar77…obizzz : thanks for your comments

btw…for the ppl never seen this car before…


Impressive start for sure! I don’t know how, but I have seen that car(the real one)…maybe a vintage clip or something, anyway great choice, unique!



Holy cow, very impressive. Love the detail you are putting into the car, Does it very good justice Keep up the good work.


Woow that looks great … really impresive !


little update: front stabilizer, radiators and start of cockpit


HOLY COW! Thats mighty impressive Guybrush! This is probably more detailed than the Tamiya model. I have a few of the 1/20th F1 models nad none are this detailed.

I’ll have a look through some of my older F1 books fro reference pics if you need them.


absolutly amazing… one of my favorite F1 cars of alltime :slight_smile:
I once wanted to model it, but i couldn’t get enough refs, but when i see this i don’t want to model it anymore, whatever i will do it’ll look like rubbish compared to this :slight_smile:

keep up the good work.


pete.cook: thanks 4 your comments, thats exacly the model i am following, but some things arent very detailled, so i go to a few photos i have to have more info. if u find some refs for me it would be great, is very hard to find info of this car.

FerryvD: thx 4 your comments dude :slight_smile:


a little update, nothing amazing, just tryiing to complete the cockpit. C&C pls


Really really nice guybrush. Like the others said before - amazing LOD! Impressive how fast you’re progressing…
Is it polymodeling with meshsmooth? Must be an enormous polycount then. Keep up the good work!


Guybrush: I can’t find any reasonable pictures in any of my books but heres a link that might be of some use to youTyrrell P34


kayniac: thx 4 your comments, about your question, yes and no… i dont usually go with a specific technic in a work, and in such detailled work i use polys and nurbs, also use some subd´s to model, but then i convert to polys because of MR, the biggest part of the objects are nurbs, only some more complicated or more hided objects, i do in polys, the reason is because i dont want a slow display of my work, neither a heavy project, and this way i can always control the tesselation of nurbs, for render i´m using the MR nurbs optimization, the max i had in a render was 900k polys, anyway with this test shaders the render takes about 5 minutes.

pete.cook: thanks 4 the info dude, altough i had already seen that site, already used that photos to model some stuff, altough thats t rebuild version of the p34


going mad on the detailing ha, hehe very nice, looks very good so far,…


This is a really impressive peice and has taken the wind out of my sails on my project to be honest.

Beautiful stuff.


Originally posted by Conanart
[B]This is a really impressive peice and has taken the wind out of my sails on my project to be honest.

Beautiful stuff.
G [/B]

Dont say that dude, u picked a very nice F1 to model, u shouldnt stop it, and i only pay so much attention to detail because many mechanical elements of the car are seen, if the engine was covered probably i wouldnt go so crazy :)… keep with your mercedes because i want to see its progress :slight_smile: