Tyrion Lannister Fan Art. Game Of Thrones


HI guys.

You have probably seen this on C4D Cafe, but thought id post it in the main gallery . This is my first proper project in C4D much of the first year in C4D I spent learning it on mini projects. My aim was to use C4D for what it normally isnt known for Character works. I plan on doing more, and to get even better results in the near future. Anyways thought id share this on this forum as the entire project was modeled in C4D along with its hair. Please do comment on gallery thread as well if you wish.


Thanks, Dan


Great work Dan.


Fantatsic job!

Are you saying you just started on C4D this year? Have you had any 3d experience prior?

Very impressive.


Absolutely wonderful. :applause:


Hi. Thanks, glad you like him.

Im not new to 3D, been around for a while using Hexagon, MODO, Zbrush, purchased C4D Mid 2016 , had a 4 month break in 2017 on all CG work, then came back to it, so not had C4D long, plus I have been learning Vray this year as well. Because Im learning Studio version there is a huge amount to learn expanding from where I came from MODO. Rigging, Dynamics, Simulations, Hair tools, Modeling workflows. Iv done loads of mini projects not worth showing, but its got me learning it, and helping others which has accelerated my learning.



Really nice project :slight_smile: and I am really glad, that you are into characters, not so many people are doing it with cinema 4D.

I also enjoyed reading throuhg your WIP :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend :bounce: