types of lighting equipment


Hi I wish to know what kinds of lighting equipment they use in film and photography.

Becos I want to make a realistic lighting studio in 3d and light my model for a demo reel to showcase my lighting skills.


Reflectors (white, silver, gold), diffusers, light blockers (gobos, cookies), scrims, nets, light color gels, camera color filters. Effects filters.


Could anyone help me with any info on those forementioned equipment and how and when to use them?

I managed to find out about them but how to apply them in 3d is another matter.


Go do a photography course. I learnt tons from the one i did.


I agree. Or read many books and watch videos. It’s a long talk, and it’s all interrelated and not the most important thing (though immportant too).


Yea. It’s not easy to learn photography techniques and how to use them in 3d on a forum.


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