Ty Ferrell - Sketching WIPs and Studies


Currently reading the second book of the Dark Tower series! Keep up the good work, really digging the face!


Thanks @Solmeyer ! I liked the second book a lot. Enjoy it!

Added boots and editing the clothes. Trying to nail down the belt. I changed from the doule holster belt to the more Spaghetti Western look of two belts with lots of bullets.


Revised the trademark Gunslinger Excalibur-Hand Cannon. I stylized the Western Colt Dragoon pistol. Give a Excalibur feel (not fantasy overly decorated Excalibur) and archaic look. More to come


All done the highpoly work for the Gunslinger. I will rework some of the lowpoly items I already have and retop some more things. Then into mapping and seeing what trouble I can get into in Unreal Engine.


Gray wolf anatomy study. I’m using references of wolves with thick fur on them. So underlying anatomy is challenging. Here’s where I am so far


Final look for the wolf. Fibermesh isn’t as easy as I originally thought for wolf fur. I pushed it as far as I am willing for this particular practice project.