Two Wings and a Prayer, Ben Hartnett (2D)


Title: Two Wings and a Prayer
Name: Ben Hartnett
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop

This piece was done as a shirt design but I wanted to take it as far as it needed to go to get the right feeling of care and trust during hardship. I’m not sure what brought the idea to mind, although it has a similar theme to a photo in a book called “Miracles for Life!” (by Jonathan Krause) which has stuck in my memory. It also relates to the metaphor of sheltering wings in the Bible, so maybe that was a subconscious connection as well.

I started with a rough pencil sketch and painted the final picture using Photoshop’s basic round brushes and a Wacom Bamboo Fun. I think it took about 15 hours or so. A couple of tricky aspects were how much colour to add and how to make the different surfaces look wet (especially the feathers). I’m interested in opinions on this!


Very intriguing image. It almost feels like a woodcut. Love the emotion and visual impact! :surprised


Superb!!! Good work!


Thanks for the encouragement!


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