Two weeks rigging project for demo reel.


Hello everyone,

Im a student in 3D animation a we had a visit from a studio i am really interested in to apply for a 8 week traineship, that would be a great opportunity for me to learn from. They mostly use maya and it was something i wanted to try with rigging since i only used max for rigging so far. I know how to do basic stuff in maya for rigging but nothing amazing.

Basically i would like to produce a small project that i could use for a very short reel, the lead from the rigging team said he likes to see something small very well made. I was thinking of an arm with muscle deformation according to the movement.

Now, being not very good in maya is there any method anyone recommends for this, tips, or even already existing videos of such thing that could help me realise this quick project ? I am not sure if it is a realistic amount of time for such a thing since i don’t have much maya knowledge but i figured i’ve got nothing to lose by trying.

Thanks !