Two sided shader in viewport


Hi there,

does anybody know if it is possible to create a two sided shader which works in the Maya viewport?

You could for example assign a red color to the front and a green color to the back of the polygons and then would be able to comfortably check in the viewport if normals need to be flipped.

Any ideas?


I believe there is a tool in the bonus tools that does this by duplicating the mesh assigning a new shader reversing the normals and making both meshes one sided. Though of course that is not as nice as double sided shaders in the viewport.


I think there’s a double sided texture script on highend3d. I could be wrong but I thought I just saw it the other day. Sorry I don’t have a link for you.


Uncheck ‘Two Sided Lighting’ from the Lighting menu of your viewport.


Hey! Thanks a lot! That’s what I was looking for and I even don’t need to setup a shader!


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