Two sculpting questions

  1. How do I create my one sculpting stamp, I need a sharp edged triangular shape, can I do this in Photoshop?

  2. How do I get this stamp to repeat in a straight line around a cylinder in sculpt mode?


  1. Yes you can. The stamp, correct me if I’m wrong, are just alphas
  2. In general, you can’t repeat it in a straight line but since you are using a cylinder, just use a radial symmetry increase the number of copies.


Thanks, what size and res should the alpha be?

The straight line capabilities in sculpting need sorted out!


RE: size and res. a 2k to 4k should do.


Another sculpting problem - I have a base sculpting object with 3 other sculpting layers above. I want to increase the subdivisions to level 4 but when I do this I only seem to be able to increase them on the base level, and then the other layers don’t work. Where am I going wrong?


Not sure I understand. Can you provide an image/video illustration?


I’m just really struggling with sculpting. Spent a day sculpting details onto a model, it’s a foil capsule for a whisky bottle, all looks good, but won’t render in redshift as a sculpt as too many polys. So I tried to bake out the sculpt as a displacement map, but it gives a result that looks absolutely nothing like the sculpted object.


Getting somewhere - I watched a tutorial and figured out I needed to set my target objects level higher, and set my optimal mapping to cubic.


Stuck again - I now have a c4d mesh with a c4d material that has displacement. If I render this with the standard renderer it looks correct. However I’m trying to get the displacement map to work in Octane, and in the Redshift Demo, and the Corona Beta, and I can’t get any kind of result at all. If I open the displacement map in Photoshop it doesn’t look like a normal displacement map, it’s just grey and white.

Anyone know how to get the displacement map that’s baked from the sculpt working in another ender engine?