two pictures ...


Hi …

Here are two of my new pictures which I wanted to share with you…
I hope I am in the right forum as they are not real matte paintings for a project …
they are just two pictures I did out of boredom as I finished a project earlier than
expected … and god knows when the next project arrives … (hint!) :slight_smile:
Comments are welcome …

Ice tower:

Maya / Photoshop & my KoMi A2
original size 10000x3000 pixel


Maya / Photoshop & my KoMi A2
original size 2500x1875 pixel

I hope you enjoy them …



hey snarl , great works here, the first one has a great dynamic feel in it, the lighting hiting the water look really good, although I think those lighting should reflect some highlights on the water, but the effect is really well done
the second one is my favorite, the sence of scale is great, and your plate photography is awesomethe concept flying city and objects are very nice, I think it need to cast some shadows in the mountains or in some part of the imageI would low down the black levels of the big dome city a little bit so you can integrate it more to that depth you’re showing
great works man, keep posting here, and yes this are kind of matte paintings with some action added


I like the second one very much, but there are some size and perspective issues. I think the ropes should shrink with distance more - it’d add to the feeling of height. And the second city is bit too big - it seems to be rallly, really far away, yet compared to the mountains underneath, it seems bit big. :thumbsup:


The second one it´s my favorite, very nice colors. :thumbsup:


Thanks for all your suggestions !

I did the changes at the “luftstation” first …

Less contrast of the main station
“ropes” get a bit thinner towards the ground
Station casts a shadow onto the mountains
far away station is now smaller …

I am sorry that I updated the picture directly into my first post … so what you see
there is now already the new version.

Thanks again to everyone !


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