Two object intersects


hello,ı have two object one is bounding box and other is center point is not intersect ı want to delete obj


Do sum in the obj then you can intersect to delete


you can try this or if you know some code edit please but
select object and give name sunta_
and select other and give patlat_

and if sunta_and patlat_ intersect this will delete or not intersect not delete

                                    select $sunta_*
				myarr1 =  selection as array
				select $patlat_*
				myarr2 =  selection as array

				for i= 1 to myarr1.count do 
					for j = 1 to myarr2.count do 
						if intersects myarr1[i] myarr2[j] then (
							delete myarr2[j]