Two days and can't find the problem about multiframe


Ok guys I’m desperate… :frowning:

I have 900 frame in a folder, want to convert it to avi so this is the code.

    animOut = bitmap 720 480 filename:"C:\	emp\\FRAMES\\OUTPUT\\_TMPOUTPUT.avi"
    allImg = openbitmap "C:\	emp\\FRAMES\	est\\AnimQuicky000001.ifl"
    for g = 1 to 900 do
    	allImg.frame = g
    	copy AllImg animOut
    	 save animOut frame:g
    close animOut
Ok...If I comment out the [b]close animOut[/b] the file size is 1.58GB and if I close Max I can play the movie and all the 900 frames are there.  If I uncomment the[b] close animOut[/b] there is a file creation process that happening and the final size is 1.04GB and if I play that file Im missing around 200 frames! What the hell does the close do with my file :(

Really need help on this one.




There is a 1GB avi file write bug in Max 2012 -> if your file grows beyond that all additionally added frames are lost and the file is cut off at 1GB. It’s a long standing issue since release and I reported this already several times, so please do the same…
It’s fixed in Max 2013 AFAIK, but im not sure if Max 2012 will recieve this fix ( or already has it in the latest SP )…
So if you are not on the latest hotfix/SP you might want to install the update and test again


Not working in 2012 SP2… :frowning:

Will try 2013 this weekend maybe.
Or I will have to find a workaround.

That’s bad…


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