Twisted Extreme Sports Challenge is now over - Please no more updates


First I just want to say I apologize I wasn’t as active in this challenge as I would’ve like to have been, but hopefully the next I will have some free time. This has been another great challenge, and I’ll like to thank all who participated, we’ll be working extra hard this week to get the new Challenge site ready for the next challenge.

Things to note

  • Please submit your final images here

  • Please no more updates after this timestamp, if you choose to update your entry after this timestamp, it will be disregarded…

  • The “council” who I have assembled, hasn’t come to any greements for November 2002 challenge, I believe we’re breaking for a week, to collect everything we missed and push hard for the challenge site launch. To refresh your memory of who’s in the council read below

Ambient Whisper
Pascal Blanche
and myself Lildragon

  • We’re so behind in the challenge voting it’s insane :hmm: but we’ll catch up one way or another

The new challenge site is underway as I’m coding it this instant, so take a lil break and we’ll get back into it, in roughly a week’s time. Enjoy the forums till then

Any questions or comments please feel free to ask