Twin Motion 2019 is now free


Twin Motion has just been bought by Epic Games, and – somewhat unbelievably – they’re giving away the current version for free until November. Apart from few minor tweaks, this is the full version of the app which usually cost about $1,800, and you own it in perpetuity. You just need to sign up to Epic Games and download the launcher. No catch, no fees. It loads C4D files natively and runs on both Mac and Windows.

Get it here:

I grabbed it and it’s great fun!


Thanks for the heads-up on this,.

I opened up a .c4d file and was viewing it in my rift headset in about 10 seconds without even having to look anything up! Really Impressive stuff!


The catch is - is that its free until November.


Your objects must be an editable or current state. This version does not have all the features from the pro version. It is missing some interesting camera features like chromatic aberration,; the filters are not editable, and you cannot stack filters or apply the nature objects to another object, you can only paint on them.

I assume that there may be two versions after November, the current version for free, and then a pro version with extended features for purchase.

The quality is good, but will not replace traditional render engines, just yet.