Twilight tiger, yukari masuike (2D)


You painted living light. Respect! Amazing work!



Great vibe, great composition. You do a lot of things that shouldn’t work,but do, you take chances.

Great work!


The human climbing the tiger may benefit from having a visible left arm grabbing the fur of the tiger, motivating the tiger head turn. Also Cats eyes are slits, not round balls, check cat’s eye images on google for reference.

All the best,

Michael D’Angelo


Very impressive. Definitely emulates the classic look of some of James Jean’s work.


It’s so awesome!!! I love your style!


This piece embodies what i truly love with Japanese art, its very fluid and the characters are very vivid and express so much emotion from their features. The watercolor style is just to die for, the color layering is so delicate almost ethereal. Well in other words i just freaking love it!

Thank you for sharing your talent and keep blessing the world with it!



Just beautiful. Style and subject it’s inspiring, thank you.


I love the feeling of this picture. This is a gorgeous work :slight_smile:


I agree, I also like the little creature at the foot of the tiger.


had to think about this image :slight_smile: (frazetta)

Also Cats eyes are slits, not round balls, check cat’s eye images on google for reference.

…umm … no? :surprised big cats have round balls … have you tried to check what you are saying?.. oh my…


The little girl seems me not to be very important - because of the unreadeable shapes and colours. However she is the main and central character of it, isn’t she?


very nice work! I like how you draw the tiger, very diff perspective and I love it!! =D


Interesting work, it’s a digital work add to traditional work?
I like the light.


Beautiful and energetic illustration! Love the content and the style!


this is really well done !! It does remind me of James Jean’s work and it’s truly beautiful!!


Love the style that you have as well as the painterly traditional feel you have achieved. There’s a lot of energy to the whole piece and it’s a joy to look at, especially with all the details and content.


I love the colours and characters all in action! Great job!


I love the colors and lighting scheme. The texture of the canvas is also very personal. i think white eyes on tiger are a bit weird but it is ok for me.


This is amazing…I love the colours being used…the tone…everything. :applause:


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